New Favorites: Foldover mitts

New Favorites: Foldover fingerless mitts

We’re having another serious cold spell in Nashville and, as has been well documented, all of my gloves are fingerless. There are days driving to and from work in my drafty old Jeep where I think my fingertips might actually fall off. Encasing my fingers it out of the question, but I am dreaming of mitts with foldover tops, knitted densely in some extra-warm, extra-rustic wool. Of course, lots of mitts can be knitted longer at the top for folding over, but these are pretty much exactly what I crave—

TOP: Lambing Mitts by Veronika Jobe (free pattern)

BOTTOM: Spate by Jane Richmond

And of course, the repeatedly aforementioned Fure.


UNRELATED: In case you missed it on Friday, the Fashionary sketchbook is back in stock! Also, please note that today is a postal holiday so webshop orders from the weekend and today will ship tomorrow!


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12 thoughts on “New Favorites: Foldover mitts

  1. I woke to -15 degrees and wind chills between -40 and -60 degrees. Yes, that is 40-60 degrees BELOW zero. Today, no skin may be left uncovered!

    I do love the mitts, they would be great for wearing in the house to keep my hands warm!

  2. Nice idea for those of you who have the occasional Serious cold snap but for us in the North…I just made a pair of ‘dog walking’ mittens using a strand of 2 ply hand spun, worsted weight, and a strand of mohair and they are wonderful!! Never a fingerless mitt for me :)
    Stay warm.

  3. Well, I love both of these patterns and Fure. Here in the Northwest the daffodils are blooming and mitts vs gloves or mittens works so much better for me. Must knit mitts this spring/summer for next winter’s gift giving. I have a BT pattern pulling at me: Lockhart Mitts by Leia Raabe. The pattern, for me, is… challenging. But I will work my way through it!

  4. It rarely gets cold enough here on Vancouver Island for heavy winter mitts (I do wear my sport weight mitts a ton though), so I can relate to the fingerless mitt appreciation. Loving those Lambing Mitts by Veronika!!

  5. Karen – I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the time you give to educate and motivate so many readers in “blog land”! Please put all your “purls” of wisdom into a book and publish, publish, publish! You’re a gifted teacher and you have so much to offer!!!
    I knit the hat and love it – thanks so much for the pattern! I get into trouble when I take an adult pattern and try to modify it for a 5-6 year old. The head circumferences are almost the same, but the depth (or height) is where it all begins to “unravel” (no pun intended!) on me. The finished hat is usually too slouchy or doesn’t cover the ears. Any suggestions on how to determine when the decreases should begin? Many thanks!
    I love just south of Newport, Rhode Island and it’s freezing cold here! Fingerless mitts are wonderful for New Englanders during the late fall or late winter, but we need warmth during this unusually cold artic spell. I love flip tops mittens made with worsted and mohair – super warm and fully convertible – the best of both worlds!
    Thanks again for everything – happy knitting and stay warm!

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