New Favorites: Jocelyn Tunney’s triangles

New Favorites: Jocelyn Tunney's triangles

Jocelyn Tunney has an obsession with garter-stitch triangles and chevrons, and I have an obsession with these designs. Love this blanket. Love this scarf. And this one. But I think it’s all been leading up to this. When I walked into the Manos del Uruguay booth at the trade show last month and saw her Mariscos wrap, above, draped on one of the dress forms, it stopped me in my tracks. This thing is huge and gorgeous, and looks like it would be both interesting and soothing to knit. Jocelyn kindly sent me the pattern as soon as it was ready, knowing how much I love it, so now all I want to do is sit around picturing it in every possible color combination. Because as soon as I figure it out, I am casting on — it’ll make a perfect project to pick and put down amongst more mentally taxing things for a few months.


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Jocelyn Tunney’s triangles

  1. So last week I decided this year will be the year for the Heirloom Chevron Throw! In Jill Draper Hudson. Now, to just find the time to cast on!!

  2. Looks amazing! Just to say, I managed to get some of the Hole and Sons yarn – though it’s going as fast as it goes up on Etsy! Thanks for writing about this, I love it!

  3. Love a chevron look but after reading your earlier post on closing up seams on a sweater (still new to knitting) it looks as though this could possibly need this? As it appears to be open right at the apex of the design. Could you do that on this?

    • You probably could, and I suppose you might want to if you used a really heavy, drapey yarn, since it’s such a big piece. But scarves don’t generally have stress points like sweaters do, and it’s not so important for them to maintain their perfect shape, since they’re worn wrapped and draped anyway.

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