New Favorites: the chevrons of BT Winter ’15

New Favorites: the chevrons of BT Winter '15

Yesterday Brooklyn Tweed released what must be their most sweater-heavy collection to date, BT Winter ’15. (One hat, one scarf and fifteen sweaters!) I couldn’t help noticing that my favorites all happen to feature chevrons of one kind or another:

TOP: Sanford by Julie Hoover has a small-scale allover chevron pattern on the body, combined with plain sleeves

MIDDLE: Cordova by Michele Wang has columns of staghorn cables that have the effect of chevrons, mixed with swaths of trinity stitch

BOTTOM: Midway by Veronik Avery has a larger-scale chevron and textured mix

But my actual favorite sweater from the batch — because omg I am so predictable — is by the illustrious Norah Gaughan who has just joined the BT design team. Marshal, below, doesn’t have a chevron anywhere on it, but on a cardigan this military, the chevron patches are implied—

New Favorites: the chevrons of BT Winter '15

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15 thoughts on “New Favorites: the chevrons of BT Winter ’15

  1. I love this collection more than any of Brooklyn Tweed’s recent collections. I, however, have decided I am going for the simpler look; my favorite piece is Jared’s Agnes. I want it knit plain in Loft’ colorway Old World, and every possible color combo imaginable!

  2. I love that military sweater, too! It jumped out at me on Ravelry, but didn’t realize it was part of BT (must have missed the email!) Just enough interesting detail, while still timeless and wearable!

  3. I think Marshal is for sure going to be my “Amanda”. I’m about to start my first sweater, but I’ll know I’ve made it as a knitter when I can knit that sweater. I also love the pockets in Lexington, pretty much just a sucker with knits with pockets!

  4. A pattern with my name on it, and actually one of my favorites. I will have to knit it, for sure. I love Norah Gaughan designs, and I’m sure we can expect wonderful things from her collaboration with BT. Another great set of choices. I love the long big cardigan and the gigantic scarf.

  5. Norah Vaughan Rocks!! I have a large stash of her booklets and have knit a few things from them. It’s so exciting that she’s joined BT. Love those little pockets!!

  6. Sorry–I didn’t catch the misspelling!! My tablet has a mind of it’s own when it comes to spelling.
    You would see what it does to spelling sheep breeds!!

  7. Jared Flood’s Alvy reminds me enormously of the second sweater I ever knit (and first one in wool) back in the summer of 1985! I wore it to shreds, and it still resides in my sweater closet b/c I can’t quite bear to chuck it.

  8. Midway it is – at least for me. I’m going to take the sweater back portion of the pattern and make a blanket. Just stunning.

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