Study: the Wool Issue

Study: the Wool Issue

Every once in awhile I get wind of something that feels genuinely special — in a quiet, small-scale, uncommon way — and it gives me pleasure to be able to lay it in front of you all. Today that something special is the Wool Issue of a tiny little journal called Study, published by a pair of talented friends who are divided between Ohio and California. Study is a “single-subject nature journal,” a labor of love, and when I heard they were working on an issue devoted to the subject of wool, I jumped all over it. The way that I heard about it is that three of the people featured in the issue do their work within a few steps of Fringe HQ: my sweet friends Rebekka Seale of Camellia Fiber Company and Lisa Garcia of Soñadora Handmade, as well as Han Starnes of Josi Faye, who I’ve blogged about, long ago, but have never met. (I only recently discovered we’re neighbors and have been too shy to go knock on the door, but one of these days …) So I met Lily one day while she was here shooting photos for the issue, and she’s completely charming and the past issues are lovely and so I loaded up on the Wool Issue, and the good news is, it’s as good as I had hoped! And not something that will be repeated. You can read more about what’s inside over at Fringe Supply Co.

And if you haven’t picked up issue two of TAC yet, I’d suggest grabbing that while you’re there. The cover is nobody’s favorite color, I realize, but it really is a magnificent issue.

Here in Middle Tennessee, we’re promised a glimpse of the sun this weekend, along with temperatures that start with a 5 instead of a minus sign, so I’m hoping to get photos of a certain cardigan taken. What will you be up to?


10 thoughts on “Study: the Wool Issue

  1. they both look lovely – placed a n order this morning! Can’t wait to indulge in these beauties! what a treat.

  2. I, too, have ordered mine. I enjoy your blog so much, and I am constantly amazed that you are able to share such an entertaining message each day.

  3. I heard about those temps in the 50’s in Tennessee this weekend, while we are thrilled to have it up to 32 in Maine. My son moved to Nashville last summer and I enjoy feeling like I’m reading the blog of someone he could run into somewhere!

  4. Hi, Judy and Lee and anyone else who’s wondering — we’re all sold out and so is the publisher, but the last wholesale order is on its way to Tolt Yarn and Wool, and should be there soon. So you should get in touch with them and see if you can get one!

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