New Favorites: Garter bliss

New Favorites: Garter bliss

Maybe it’s the surest sign that my brain is on total overload — the holidays, the persistence of moving boxes, the post-op husband situation — but this photo is the most calming, appealing thing I can think of in the whole wide world right now. If a therapist or yoga instructor told me to close my eyes and go to my happy place, I would call up this photo on the old mental projection screen and let out the biggest sigh. Garter stitch. Warm head. Warm hands. It’s Purl Soho’s Hat + Hand Warmers for Beginners pattern from the learn-to-knit-kit they released in fall of last year — just two versions of garter-stitch rectangles seamed into accessories — but I want so badly to knit without thinking right now that I am considering paying money for the cast-on counts. I already have the yarn!


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  1. Garter stitch…very ZEN isn’t it. for a little mix up on the mittens, I added a ruffle (and yes the little thumb hole has ruffle over it, and the girls love them…so easy to do.

  2. I do these and crochet a little thumb cover, I like spinningthemoon’s idea of a ruffle on the thumb. I totally “get” the simple easy loveliness of the garter stitch. I hope you find a few moments of peace in the current chaos. It will pass, but right now you need a little bit of peace. I will wish peace and love to you over across the world. Blessings to you and yours XXX Joan

  3. I’ve been on a kick loving garter stitch as the decorative accent on projects. I fell in love with Tincan Knits Rye socks when I knit them on YOTH Big Sister. Now I am making Heaven Mitts by Lilli Comme Tout in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. Delicious! I hope Bob is truly on the mend and that the New Year will bring some peace and order back to both your lives.

  4. I’m so with you on being able to “knit without thinking”!! I’ve had so much fun with my new-found cable skill – the result being cabled hats for gifts – but it would now be wonderful to knit something without thinking, counting, ripping back, recounting… ;)

  5. I am right there with you on the overload factor. The most I can manage right now is another blanket. Endless rows of HDCs, using nothing but stash. Deep blues at the moment. My form of meditation to combat the swirling madness of the holiday season. And it sure feels good to eat up all the leftovers.

  6. Mindless knitting does feel good… I am knitting slipper socks for all immediate family, and although the pattern is a little complicated with cables and such, I am on pair…. 7? I have had the pattern completely memorized for a while now. Not only has mindless knitting been nice, but constantly having a project that needs to be finished with urgency has been nice as well. One more pair after this one, and then they need to be shipped across the country… I think I will need rush shipping. ;)

  7. Go to the Purl Bee site, sign up for their enewsletter, and you can download the pattern for free. At least that was their deal last week.

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