All you want for Christmas …

The ultimate gifts for knitters, crocheters and fiber crafters

Ok, lovely readers. Today I’m nearly speechless as I unveil the very first Fringe Supply Co. clickable holiday catalog, full of incredible gifts for knitters, crocheters and other fiber crafters β€” aka all you want for Christmas. I wasn’t so speechless in writing the intro or product descriptions, so I hope you’ll spend some quality time poring over it all! I had the most amazing time with Kathy Cadigan last week, who took such beautiful photos I can hardly stand it, and I’m thrilled to share all of this with you. So please, click here or on the mini-catalog below, which will open a larger version, and from there every product image is linked β€” clicking the little blue link icon will take you right to that page in the webshop.

The star of the show is the all-new Fringe Supply Project Bag, which I’ve been unintentionally teasing you with for months, and which is finally here β€” albeit in small-batch form. We’ll have a very limited number here at Fringe for the holidays, and it’s at just three stores for now: Purl Soho on the east coast, Tolt Yarn and Wool out west, and Fancy Tiger Crafts in between.

If you love the catalog or any part of it, I hope you’ll use the share links, embed it in your blog, download it, print it out and mark it up for Santa, whatever the case may be. I can never thank you enough for supporting me and Fringe Supply Co. and other small businesses. It means the world.

Happy browsing!


UPDATE: the mini-catalog seems to only want to display about half the time for reasons I’m having trouble understanding. But you can just click through to full version!

38 thoughts on “All you want for Christmas …

  1. Love the project bag. I visited all three web sites mentioned – sadly no bags available 😞. Love the catalog.

  2. Ohhhh my gosh. You have truly outdone yourself. I am obsessed with that project bag. I am worried I won’t be able to get one fast enough, please tell me you will be making more in the future?? Also, those glass darning needles?! Sigh. I will be sending my husband here for my entire Christmas list, I think.

  3. OhMyCraftGoddesses! That project bag is incredible!! Because I sew so much, I naturally look at the work that goes into a product like this. Wow! is all I can say – and then hit “BUY” before they’re all gone. Thank you!

  4. incredibly gorgeous and yes, it makes me all wanty! my husband will thank you for giving me something to ask for for christmas! :) again- beautiful!

  5. Darn! I can’t open any of the links…comes up as a blocked plug-in. Is there any way to find everything on your shopfront all together? Thanks! Donna

  6. The catalog is absolutely stunning. It is really gorgeous and I hope you have many years to come (but I secretly know you will). Congrats!

  7. Beautifully done, Karen. The catalog is a lovely platform for all your products. It’s a work of art all by itself!

  8. Hello Karen!
    Congratulations on your Catalog. Is just perfect. I feel like jumping into it. I live in Portugal and I’m not just a blog fan but also a very satisfied customer. I hope you do not mind, but I shared the photos, the catalog at post on my blog. If there is anything that does not suit you please say I will change it (lower in the post you have the English translation). Thank you for such generosity and talent size.

  9. The catalog itself ne marche pas! At least with my set up. I did sift through the shop pages later and figured out which things are new…lovely! Such refreshingly simple but beautiful objects.

  10. Karen, you have knocked the ball out of the park, once again. Every single thing is amazingly beautiful. I have copied a few items to my husband for Christmas shopping. I can only hope they will be under the tree. I hope this is a blockbuster shopping season for you and really sets the tone for a great 2015.

  11. I really love the project bag! What a beautiful design! Any chance it will come in other colors? And if not, is it washable? I fear that white would get mighty dirty.

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