FO Sightings: Skiff hats of the #fringeandfriendsknitalong

FO Sightings: Skiff hats of the #fringeandfriendsknitalong

While the #fringeandfriendsknitalong has been open to any fisherman-cabled object of a knitter’s choosing, there are clearly way more Amanda cardigans being knitted than anything else, followed by Ondawa and Bellows, it seems. But in the accessory department, the clear favorite has been Jared Flood’s Skiff, published just as the knitalong was kicking off. And of course they came together way faster than the sweaters. I wanted to take a minute to pay them tribute:

+ WorthingGirl on Ravelry, knitted in Fibre Company Acadia

+ lmscott from Ravelry / @lianneknits on Instagram, knitted in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

+ waldorfmanufaktur / @waldorfmanufaktur, knitted in Fibre Company Organik

+ DanaRae19 from Ravelry, knitted in Berroco Ultra Alpaca (she’s also completed a White Pine cardigan; so good)

+ @recklessglue, knitted in … unknown

+ QuiltedTortoise / @thequiltedtortoise, knitted in Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted

+ tumblingblocks / @tumblingblocks, knitted in Madelinetosh Tosh DK

+ @kimberley.buergel, knitted in Camellia Fiber Company Merino Aran

And now I want to knit this hat! Huge apologies if I missed any finished Skiff pics in rounding these up.

Also, @fancyjaime is the first of our Panel to finish her Amanda — the knitting, at least. She posted a pic from LAX, unblocked and no buttons yet, and I can’t wait to see it all finished up.

I promise next week we’ll talk about seaming.


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10 thoughts on “FO Sightings: Skiff hats of the #fringeandfriendsknitalong

  1. That’s my hat! On my favourite blog, and I had to check twice to make sure! I’m so excited, and the only person here to celebrate is my dog. Thank you so much for inspiring me with my knitting, and giving me the confidence to try new techniques. Oh, and enabling my Brooklyn Tweed obsession!

  2. Checked this blog as usual today and was also super surprised and excited to see my hat featured. Thanks Karen! I have been enjoying this kal so much and have learned tons from you and the contributors/panel.

  3. Wow! My heart skipped a beat when I casually checked the blog, and there was my lavender hair and big yellow toque! In good company with so many other lovely skiffs, no less! Too fun!

  4. How fun! ( my fuzzy grey one is knit double-stranded with sandnes mini alpakka & silk mohair if anyone is wondering…)

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