Knit the Look: Danielle Bernstein’s cable beanie

Knit the Look: Danielle Bernstein's cable beanie

I love that We Wore What blogger Danielle Bernstein happens to be wearing a pin-striped coat with this little oatmeal-colored cable beanie. The overall androgyny of her look makes it that much more perfect that the best pattern I know for matching the hat happens to be a Jared Flood pattern from BT Men called Eno, which of course is perfectly unisex. To make it just like Danielle’s, use Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Woodsmoke and knit the ribbing to four inches, for a nice fold-up brim, before switching to the cable pattern. (If you’re one of the many knitters out there who has yet to discover the pure simple joy of cabling, this would be a great place to start.)

For more of Danielle’s outfit, see Vanessa’s original post.


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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

8 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Danielle Bernstein’s cable beanie

  1. Too good. I have been looking for great unisex beanie patterns to knit my family for Christmas this year. Perfection.

  2. I want to cast thus on right now… But we are heading towards summer and I really want to be able to wear the next thing I knit, as I have been knitting presents for others constantly since I picked up knitting again four years ago.

  3. Love the look. Knitting hats for presents and myself (!) this year. I think “Brae” by Melissa Thomson is another alternative – just lengthen the ribbing. “Brae” is one of the patterns in Melissa’s newly released collection “Sweet Fiber Accessories.” Hope you are enjoying your travels, Karen.

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