New Favorites: Pure

New Favorites: Pure shawl pattern by cabinfour

So after my post last week about the Woolfolk debut collection, I got two skeins of Far in the mail. (Thank you, Kristin!) They were meant to be for a Knop hat, and oh man it would be delicious. But from the instant I pulled the yarn out of the envelope, all I’ve been able to think is I want that around my neck. 284 yards of pure luxury. Combine this with my latent nervousness over the fact that there’s nothing mindless on my needles right now, and I’ve suddenly got kerchiefs on the brain. Specifically that little garter-stitch kerchief I made for a my mom a couple of years ago. Thoroughly simple, it was really the perfect showcase for such a delicious yarn, and I just loved having it tucked around my neck for those snapshots. But then I’m thinking, isn’t there something equally spare I could knit with it — something mindless but not so mindless? (Don’t think I haven’t considered another Textured Shawl. But I already have a big grey version. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type.) What about a mini Lola? Or a Romney Kerchief? Then a quick trot through Ravelry led me to Pure, the latest from “cabinfour,” who has a way with ultra-spare shawls. I love the subtle progression of textures, and always love a big garter edge, but I wonder if I would love that if I scaled it down? Hm. Either way, it’s got my attention right now.

[DISCLOSURE: cabinfour frequently sends me copies of her patterns, unsolicited. No joke, not an hour after I finished writing this post (before it went live) Pure landed in my inbox. It’s like the universe knows!]


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  1. Pure is…pure deliciousness! Loved it the instant I saw it on Ravelry, too. I’m envious that cabin four sends you patterns…

  2. I just wanted you to know that I love your blog. It’s the best. I had just order two skeins of Far Woolenfolk and I was trying to decided what to do with this fabulous yarn and then you posted information about Pure. It’s the best. I always get wonderful ideas and productions from you. Thanks so much.

    • I just want to make sure I was clear that two skeins of far are less yardage than the pattern calls for, so using them for this would require tweaking the pattern — knitting fewer rows of each section and making a smaller triangle overall.

      • Karen, I read your post on Far and Pure. Now, I find this comment and woah…I misunderstood and have misled my knitting buddies that 2 sk of Far would make Pure. Dang, I should have verified yardage,etc. So, did you only use 2 skeins or did you get addl skeins? I assumed the picture on your blog was your knitted Pure, is that correct? If you only used two skeins of Far, what are the dimensions of your Pure? I’m kicking my butt for assuming….

        • Hi, Sylvia. I haven’t knitted anything with my Far yet. What this post says is that I’m considering using it to make a scaled-down Pure. The photos above are of cabinfour’s Pure — you can see the details on what yarn she used and how much if you click through to the pattern page.

  3. I love that little Joelle Hoversen kerchief and have made it several times. In a luxe yarn it makes a great “last minute” gift.

    “Pure” is very spa-like….simple and clean and reminds me of soft, plush terry….perfectly named. Cabin Four makes such pretty presentations.

  4. I’ve spent yesterday going over your Orlane’s Textured Shawls and dreaming my next simple shawl knit! Thank you for the pattern suggestions – I have yarn coming for this project. YES!

  5. I have yet to knit a shawl and am really excited to do so. When the new Jane Richmond/Shannon Cook mini collection came out I fell in love with “Laylow”. I think it will be a great first shawl pattern for me… Now to pick out the perfect yarn!

  6. Question about the Amanda. Should we block all the individual pieces before starting on the yoke & combining?

  7. You’re definitely the best enabler for my wool addiction! I’ve wanted to knit Orlane’s textured shawl for a while now…maybe it will quickly move to a higher position on my “must knit” list. I’ve never worn a triangular shawl – only long rectangular “wraps”. After seeing you wear it all scrunched up around your neck, I love it! Pure is equally beautiful in its simplicity…decisions, decisions…and so much fun!

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  11. Just downloaded your pattern. I could not believe the simplicity and beautiful lines that white could give off!!!! Can’t wait to jump in and make this. Thanks.

  12. Just downloaded pure. Can’t wait to start. What is k1l and k1r. I assume it is an increase. Please explain technique.

  13. Por favor me podría indicar donde puedo encontrar el patrón de la taquilla o la forma de hacerla me encanta

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