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Before I get into this latest batch of tasty links, I just want to say I know I’ve been pretty tight-lipped about our move and how things are going in Nashville. I put up a little post about it on Instagram last night, for anyone who’s interested.

Now! Let’s get to the important stuff—

— Did you know it’s UK Wool Week / Shetland Wool Week? I, for one, am wishing I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

— Related: Melody at Mandarine’s is hosting a knitalong of the beautiful (and free) Shwook Hat, the official pattern of Shetland Wool Week.

— Semi-related: Entrancing video by Kathy Cadigan for Gudrun Johnston’s lovely new pattern collection, The Shetland Trader Book 2

— Very very tangentially related: I would like this deluxe reproduction of Weldon’s Practical Needlework from Victorian England, please.

— Unrelated, but related to you know what: Anna pointed me to this One Jumper Project. Marvelous.

— Cable-licious: Loved seeing Bristol Ivy’s charts and creative process for her Maeve cardigan at the Kelbourne blog.

— And in case you haven’t heard, the Mason-Dixon ladies are blogging again. Hooray! I was blown away by Ann Shayne’s post that kicked it back off, Poverty and Luxury. So good.


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  1. Cynthia, Instagram is a site where people post pictures, with short little # comments. Do a search for Instagram, easy to sign up, then you can post a picture of something your working on, something you cooked, or ate, or where you went today. You then find people to follow by searching for the things you like to see pictures of. Search for # (hashtag) knitting, or yarn, or dogs or cats, etc. It is a fabulous time suck when you are waiting in the Drs. Office or anywhere you get caught without your knitting. I am mjanegeorge on Instagram.

  2. Beautiful links, especially Kathy’s gorgeous video and then the M.D. piece. Wow, Shayne can write. I know what she means about India….it impinges in so many ways. I will be there for the second time, this November … the tail end of a month long trip through the Himalayas which will also include Bhutan. Thank you to Ann for the inspiration and reminder to journal about it all.

    P.S. Fringe Association is the new source for Cable News. ;-)

  3. Sorry to be ‘stupid,’ but I’m in desperate need for a top-down sweater pattern, with raglan sleeves, for a 5 year-old girl, using worsted weight yarn. Any ideas where to get this? Thanks!

  4. Karen, two years ago I sold my house in Michigan, closed up my furniture-making workshop (a hobby, not a full-time career) and my apartment in Chicago, and sold/donated/gave away everything I owned that didn’t fit into one-half of a 5×8-foot U-Haul trailer. Together with a friend (he used the other half of the trailer), I drove the few belongings that remained (mostly associated with memories, plus basics such as clothing, kitchen gear, etc.) to Seattle to start the next chapter of my life.

    New beginnings, even under the best of circumstances, are extraordinarily difficult. When they are laden with additional burdens and losses (in my case, the difficult end of a 20-year relationship and the painful, interpersonal ramifications that followed), they can seem almost unbearable — even when we chose, voluntarily, to initiate these changes.

    But things get better, through the passage of time, a bit of endurance, and some active effort on our part. Congratulations to you on getting through a difficult transition, and courage to you for the days ahead. There will be more challenges, but they will lessen, gradually, and be replaced by new joys and fresh discoveries.


  5. I LOVE the jumper featured in the One Jumper Project. Please let us know if you ever discover a pattern source, or something comparable!! ;)

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