New Favorites: Simple scarves

New Favorites: Simple scarf patterns

You all know I like things pretty spare and simple — aesthetically, at least — but I think that’s especially true of scarves. Whenever I’m admiring beautiful, intricate scarf patterns, I’m always thinking, “but how does that go with my/your coat?” Or hat. Or outfit. Or whatever. Plus there’s so much pleasure in a knitting project that is just tricky enough to not be boring or plain, but still simple and repetitive enough to work as mindless knitting at the end of a long day. These two scarves fall squarely into that category, while also being super wardrobe-friendly, especially if knitted in a nice neutral. Bonus: suitable for any age or gender!

TOP: M.1 by Shellie Anderson (free with purchase at participating yarn stores)

BOTTOM: No-Purl Ribbed Scarf from the Purl Bee (free pattern)


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Simple scarves

  1. You are so right about simple being the best to go with most clothing. One of the first scarves I ever made was a Martha Stewart pattern of a basic rib. I still wear it.

  2. Loved your “no slouch” hat patterns earlier this month, and love the clean, tailored lines of the scarves in today’s post. While I admire the workmanship in fancy lace shawls, lace sweaters and socks, I can’t ever imagine them working with my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing – I love them all!

  3. I like how simple looks but I do get bored a bit too quickly with the same pattern. I did just finished last night the Color Block Bias Shawl and it is just a simple stitch pattern but I made it more interesting with a rainbow of yarn colors. I’m trying to work on doing more neutral basics so I can wear them forever.

  4. So much agreement with you on this one. It seems like the amount of boredom that goes into the knitting of an accessory is directly proportional to how much wear and enjoyment I’ll get out of the finished piece.

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