New Favorites: Slouchless beanies

New Favorites: Slouchless beanie patterns

Here’s a confession: I’m not the biggest fan of slouchy hats. They look super cute on lots of people, I concede* — I just personally prefer the look of a tidier, shorter hat. Given that slouchy beanies have been all the rage the past couple of years, I am always the one sussing out crown depth (multiplying the pattern’s row gauge by the number of rounds knitted for the crown) and modifying work-even height so my total hat height is about 7.5-8 inches. Not all hats lend themselves to this very readily. SO! I am thrilled to see the tides seemingly shifting and a number of fantastic patterns for what I’ll call knitted caps hitting the pages of Ravelry. These are all calling out to me: “Forget all those sweaters, Karen. Cast on a hat! You know you want to …”

TOP LEFT: Hutchin by Jared Flood

TOP RIGHT: Dauphine Hat by Julia Farwell-Clay

MIDDLE LEFT: Archway Hat by Adrienne Larsen

MIDDLE RIGHT: Mistake-Rib Beanie by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas (free pattern)

BOTTOM LEFT: Richting by Andrea Rangel

BOTTOM RIGHT: Apple Pie by Tin Can Knits [For a slouchier version, see Courtney Kelley’s Kiva Hattu]

*Case in point: The gorgeous photo of the blonde model in the purple slouchy Skiff does make me want that exact hat. I think I have enough Thistle left from my Trillium to have it, too.


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Slouchless beanies

  1. I agree! And am also excited to see hat pattetns I don’t have to size down. Thanks for highlighting these designs today.

  2. I’ve never tried wearing a slouchy hat, I wear beanies all winter. I am always looking for a new one to make.

  3. Ha, I’m wearing a Rikke hat right now and it’s pretty slouchy. I feel like all my knitting life I’ve made slouchy hats. I did modify my Rikke so it wasn’t so long. I love your picks!

  4. I really like a slouch-less beanie with a big folded brim. It keeps my ears extra warm and I like the way it frames my face.

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