Someday vs. Right Away: small-scale Amanda alternatives

Someday vs Right Away: small-scale Amanda alternatives

So the Brooklyn Tweed Fall ’14 Collection is out, and it’s a doozy. I don’t think there’s a single piece that won’t factor into some future post of mine, and a least a couple I can see myself knitting. (The one I most want in my closet right this minute is Docklight.) There’s nothing that quite meets the Amanda parameters, construction-wise, but if you just want to knit a cable sweater along with us,  there are lots of lovely choices there. However, it’s possible you’ve been wishing to participate in the Amanda knitalong (aka #fringeandfriendsknitalong) but feel like a densely cabled cardigan sweater is beyond your skill set and/or your availability. If that’s true, and you’d like to join in by knitting a smaller-scale piece with all the cable goodness, the BT collection contains two good Amanda alternatives:

LEFT: the Shackleton scarf by Michele Wang has a lot in common with Amanda, combining honeycomb and (softened) diamond cables

RIGHT: on an even smaller scale, there’s Jared Flood’s Skiff hat, which, like Amanda, has moss-filled diamonds as its main motif

Both would be great if you’re a cable addict itching to knit some lush cables, or if you’re newer to cables and up for the challenge of expanding those cabling skills and knitting from a moderately complex cable chart. All of which will factor into the knitalong discussion. Something for everyone!


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  1. OhMyYarnGoddesses! I’ve been clicking Brooklyn Tweed on Ravelry every couple of days now thinking a Fall Collection might be eminent. (Hoping, hoping…) How perfect to open your post this morning to these gorgeous patterns! They just make me NUTS they’re so wonderful. Can’t wait to get to knitting some of these hats and scarves. Thanks, Karen, for the post!

  2. After swatching the Amanda cardigan, I’m thinking it will be a little bulky on me. The honeycomb pattern is pretty, but very thick. I kind of get the impression that I won’t feel comfortable in it if its thickness looks too bulky.

    I’m thinking of making the “Lucky (Me)” cardigan here:

    It’s a V neck (which I LOVE), and has pockets!

    • Hi Catherine, I decided that myself from the first minute and plan to put some small cables next to the diamonds and finish with plain stst to the sideseams. Pockets I will add fore sure, so I will put the diamonds a little more on the sides.
      Two persons, one idea, different conclusions :-)

  3. Yay!! I’m a new (ish), self-taught knitter and there’s no way I feel up to tacking a cardi! I did my first cabling a few weeks ago on a square for practice…I just might take the plunge and try the scarf. You have a lovely blog–I just discovered it a few weeks ago and am totally enjoying all of it. Thank you for the alternative projects.


  4. I don’t know if I’d call Shackleton “smaller scale” at all – at a foot wide and six feet long, that’s a doozy of a scarf/wrap even with Shelter held doubled – but I *am* pretty in love with it!

  5. Been drooling over the new collection all morning. I swear anything that Michelle Wang & Julie Hoover design I feel an overwhelming compulsion to knit!

  6. Such a beautiful collection – I’d been waiting and waiting for it to release, and now that I’ve flipped through I’m fighting the compulsion to add every other piece to my rav queue, especially that Shackleton scarf. But then I think about all the gift knitting I’ve assigned myself that needs to be done (plus a second sock for me) and despair of finding the time to make myself a big, squishy scarf with cables all over. Have you done a post on how to balance knitting for oneself and making gifts (for only the most knit-worthy family members, but still)? I’d love to know how others do it!

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