New Favorites: Stuffed toys (seriously!)

New Favorites: Stuffed toys (seriously!)

You guys might have picked up on the fact that I’m not much of a kid person. I’m not anti-kid or anything, and I love my nephews and nieces to pieces, but kids just aren’t part of my landscape at all, and have almost never factored into my knitting. Lately, though, I keep seeing pics of simple little stuffed toys so utterly and irresistably charming I find myself wanting to knit them! It is way too late for this to have anything to do with any biological clock — save your comments! Plus I’d have a hard time not keeping them for myself:

TOP: Winston the Walrus by my friend Ashley Yousling of Woolful is the debut pattern under the Little Woolens brand, her collaboration with Annie Rowden. I’m eager to see where they go with this. (Look at @homesweethomestead’s sweet pic of her Winston. Aww!)

MIDDLE: #41 Stuffed Rabbit by Australian Country Spinners for the Fall issue of KnitSimple. Pictured are a pair knitted by Elly of Garment House — the little faces she’s given them are even more adorable than the original.

BOTTOM: Buddy by Susan B. Anderson comes with a cute owner, Ben, and his cute, tiny knitted wardrobe. Gotta love the leash.

And I wish I knew the origins of the rabbit seen here. If anyone knows, please clue me in!


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  1. Cute! I love knitted toys, especially the Purl Bee Hedgehog which is really quick and easy. I don’t have kids, so if they are not given away, toys end up stuffed with catnip for the cats who think everything is for them anyways. ;)

  2. A friend of mine knits bears for the Mother Bear Project, an organization that sends knitted bears to children affected by AIDS in Africa. She gets pictures of her bear with its new owner.

  3. I can’t believe @Erica beat me to the PurlBee Hedgehog comment. Supercute! Another of my favorites is this tiny pig. (Can’t seem to find my photo of the one I did, with a curly tail made of wired embroidery floss) and this bat Of course, there is my all-time favorite charity knitting: – which allows anyone to knit or crochet little bears to their hearts content, sending love out into the world, whether they have children in their lives or not! The Mother Bears are such an easy knit, great for using up oddments, and carting about in one’s purse – plus you can personalize them in so many different ways to meet your knitting style (most of my bears wear skirts, or shorts – after all – most of Africa is warm!). Founder Amy Berman is my neighbor, so I know the great work the group does is real and legitimate!

  4. I’ve been seeing a lot of these stuffed toys coming up on Pinterest lately, they are adorable! I love that most of them come with their own little outfits – cable cardigans and shorts – to dress them in.

    • I’ve been giving those knitted bear’s out in the ER for over 10 years. All with a unique look. All by the same knitter. So lovely for the kids.

  5. Ha. Glad to know I’m not the only kidless person with an attraction to little knitted animals. I haven’t knit one yet because I’ll probably become obsessed and be able to star in my own reality show about how to decorate your home with knitted bears.

  6. Oh… I have a soft spot for stuffed, knitted toys and don’t see why they can’t be made for adults, too – we do have a right to cute, soft, fun thingies!
    My personal favourite is the bunny pattern by Julie Williams: ( Not only is it producing a perfectly well shaped bunny (!), but the pattern is remarkable detailed with lots of information and photo-tutorials. She must have spent a lot of time in preparing it!
    I also really like Alan Dart’s toys – the man is very gifted.
    Only downside to toys is that they take a great deal of time to make…. but it’s usually fun time, so it’s OK.

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