The new Jen Hewett project bag is here!

The next Jen Hewett exclusive is here and Bookhou is back!

I promised you Edition Two of the Jen Hewett four-part project bag series would appear in August and we just barely made it, but it’s here! The blank bags we wanted to use for this one were backordered and we felt they were worth waiting for. And we were right! So this time around, the bag is a sturdy unbleached cotton, in the same generous 12×14 size as the previous edition. It’s been screenprinted by Jen in a pink and ochre design that’s reminiscent of the phases of the moon but might also make you think of all those little partial balls of yarn in your stash! Haha. It’s a gem. And it begins shipping today, starting with the preorders.

This time we printed 150 bags, and a little over half of those are already preordered. Remember, these are limited edition items, so when the rest are gone, they are gone. But I’ve now opened up preorders for Edition Three, so if you know you want it, you’ve got plenty of time to place a preorder for it. Those will be shipping in November, when you-know-what will be on your mind, so do get your orders in.

And note that the beautiful Bookhou box is also back in stock in all three patterns, along with a few of the pocket pouch in the rain print. And there’s more Bookhou coming soon.

Happy holiday weekend to those of you in the US. I’ll be plotting out the knitalong this weekend, as well as hopefully getting my frogged-to-the-ribbing Channel headed back in the right direction. How ’bout you?


4 thoughts on “The new Jen Hewett project bag is here!

  1. love it! happy to be part of this collection/project – this’ll be bag no. 3 for me! Thank you Jen and Karen!

  2. I love the new bag and am so glad I pre-ordered it! I will be working on my Arvid sweater this weekend (a pattern by Nell Ziroli recently published in Brooklyn Tweed’s WP#7. Although I love BT yarn, it’s awfully hot for my Atlanta climate so I was inspired by Karen’s post about the Amanda cardigan when she mentioned she might use O-Wool’s Balance which is 50% each wool and cotton. I ordered some in a lovely pale blue-green color called Opal and cannot put it down. Thanks for that tip too, Karen!

  3. Ms. Hewett did a beautiful job on this print. So happy to carry it about. Must make my knitting live up to its colorful charm.

    Thanks, Fringe, for making Jen’s work available.

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