New Favorites: House socks redux

New Favorites: House socks redux

Is anyone else out there as hungry for Fall as I am? It’s my favorite season (obviously) and I basically haven’t had one in 17 years, so the idea of living through a real true Fall this year is exciting beyond description. Plus it’s 1000 degrees in Nashville right now, and paralyzingly humid. Plus September (sweet September!) is the month we’ll finally have a home again. So I’m like the proverbial horse who can smell the barn — if only I could gallup toward September instead of waiting for it to come to me. Alas, I wait. But while I’m waiting, I’m fantasizing about all sorts of wooly, Fall-y goodness in that new home of mine, starting with house socks. I’m still thinking about the ones from this earlier New Favorites, but have added these to my which-ones-will-I-knit list:

TOP: Cuckoo by Marie Wallin, lovely mix of texture and cables

BOTTOM LEFT: Inglenook by Adrian Bizilia, a good answer to those Toast socks in the previous list

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Supreme Bedsocks by Emily Foden, so simple, so right

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


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  1. YES!!! You are speaking to a fellow sock-a-holic! I am craving the creature comforts of Fall like no other. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with socks and have already devoted 2 posts to socks on my new blog. These patterns you have featured here look absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The absolute BEST pattern for socks in three different weights of yarn, is called ‘Classic Socks for the family,’ pattern number 29 , and put out by Yankee Knitter Designs. This is written for fingering weight, sport weight, and worsted weight yarns. The needles are for #2, #4, and #5 and it is written for double point needles, but I don’t use those – I’m hooked on long circular needles and a friend taught me how to use these and make One Pair of socks at the same time. I use knitting worsted simply because I hate being stuck working on a project for too long. My sock’s get knit completely in 7-10 days – not bad, eh? If you want to work on these, let me know and we can knit one pair (each of us, of course) at the same time. And I can tell you how to change this pattern so we could knit it at the same time and I can tell you how to change the pattern and end up with your project on ONE CIRCULAR needle (36″-42″ long) and ONE FULL AND COMPLETE PAIR FINISHED AT ONCE!


  3. Atlanta is experiencing the same brain melting humidity and heat. Cannot wait to live somewhere that actually has seasons. I’m knitting a lot of wool accessories, just in case.

  4. I hope you’re ready to wait until at least October for fall! November’s more likely. If the Nashville climate is anything like the other side of the smokies, September’s average high is likely to be 80. (There are many reasons I moved, but man, that’s one of the big ones.) Here’s to crisp, chilly mornings that signal the change of the seasons (and totally necessitate house socks).

  5. I plan on knitting some socks this fall too, but not until October and in bulky weight alpaca. The winters are outrageously cold where I live, and my feet are always cold. I plan to knit a few items for myself to help me better survive the extreme cold.

  6. Socks! I just got myself some Hosuband in Iceland, and am just itching to give it a try… Those Supreme Bedsocks look like a good starting point ;-)

  7. Fall is the best season, right in front of winter. And this is coming from me, a crazy snow craving Canadian. Hot weather drives me crazy (maybe just because my hair gets huge). If I was more comfortable with knitting some thick woollen socks would be on my to knit list!

  8. I might need to learn to knit–those socks are so appealing! Mostly, though, I can relate to your love of fall. It will come sooner to me (upstate NY) than it will to you, and I’m ready!

  9. No Fall in 17 years?! No change of seasons!? I had no idea that Oakland weather was so very different from the rest of the Bay area! My fellow Raveler in Marin complains of too much Fall! And we are having cool enough weather in the Valley mornings and evenings that I am really enjoying my shawls. Those beautiful socks you posted are also looking mighty tempting.

    Hope you get your reprieve from the humidity soon. As a former Southerner, I well remember how stifling it can be.

  10. Toes and heels are the most magical part of knitting for me. For those who haven’t knit socks before, these are a great basic toe-up recipe with a nice chart you can use for socks and other things:–back-again-socks-2.

    My great discovery this year is that these Koigu mini-skeinettes are the perfect length for an accent toe or heel. So many colors and avoids proliferation of endless sock yarn in one’s stash. Happy days!

  11. I find that the older I get, the more I like fall. (Perhaps a consequence of moving closer to my own “autumn years?) And, like another commenter, I am surprised that you felt a lack of autumn where you lived. Here on the Oregon coast there’s definitely a difference between summer and fall, and going inland even a little bit, it’s even more pronounced! I understand that shorter days and cooler temperatures will be a relief, but…is Nashville really going to feel Fall-ish with October temps in the 70s and November temps in the 60s?

    • Totally! In the Bay Area, September and October are the warmest, clearest, most beautiful months. So instead of getting cooler when you expect it to it gets warmer. While everyone else is busting out their sweaters, you’re trying to think if you own any shorts. It’s very disconcerting.

  12. We are just getting our first whiff of autumn and I. Cannot. Wait. Hands down my favourite season. If only I could wear house socks without my ridiculously hairy dog plonking down on my feet and covering them with fur!

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