Fancy ladies in Estonia

Fancy ladies in Estonia

In the category of Instagram feeds I wish I could beam myself into, the most recent additions are those of @fancyjaime and @fancyamber, the co-owners of Denver’s Fancy Tiger Crafts. If you already follow them, you know they’re perpetually off on some yarn-related adventure or another, but this most recent one takes the cake. They popped into Iceland for a minute on their way to Estonia, where they attended the sort of craft camp where you learn to carve bone tools as well as knit intricately patterned mittens. The photos have been totally amazing, but they’ll be pushed down-feed by their next adventure soon, so go look right now: @fancyjaime and @fancyamber. And/or read all about it next Monday on their blog.


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  1. I’ve been seeing a bunch of Facebook posts about that camp from European knitting friends. It sounds wonderful and exotic!

    Probably Estonian knitters think the same about Squam and dream of going there someday.

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