New Favorites: Summertastic wash cloths

New Favorites: Summertastic wash cloths

Do you know I have never knitted a wash cloth? It’s such a classic thing to knit by the dozens — and such a common starter project — but I don’t really use wash cloths, so it’s never really interested me. But suddenly it’s on my mind. In part because of this great new Purl Bee pattern, Washcloths and scrubbing mitt, and in part because I’m having a “coming full circle” moment over here. Bob and I are currently staying with our dear friends in Nashville, the dynamic brother-sister duo of Meg and DG. Meg (of KnitKnotes fame*) is the one who taught me to knit when we were visiting them in 2011. When I went to see her at Haus of Yarn before flying home, I bought a booklet of wash cloth patterns, thinking that would be a good learning tool, but then there was that whole wash cloth disinterest thing, so I never did it. Now here we are again and Meg just recently taught DG to knit. And what is he knitting in front of me each night? Not just wash cloths, no. He started out knitting these 50 states wash cloths (he’s cuckoo for map stuff) and promptly decided to knit them into a blanket. Maybe it’s that, maybe it’s watching my friend Leigh knit so many Grandmother’s Favorites over the last couple of years; maybe it’s the inherent logic of knitting small, quick, cotton things in the summer heat. Whatever the reason, wash cloths (and their upsized friends, the dish towels) are feeling super appealing to me right now, so I consulted my favorite patterns and it turns out they’re all from my friends over at the Purl Bee — i.e., all of them free:

TOP LEFT: Soft Cotton Knit Dishtowels — mmmm, garter stripes

TOP RIGHT: Washcloths and Scrubbing Mitt — fantastic use of that crazy Habu yarn

BOTTOM LEFT: Slip Stitch Dishtowels — you know I’m intrigued by that slip-stitch colorwork action (see also)

BOTTOM RIGHT: New Log Cabin Washcloths — I’ve also never knitted a mitered square (quelle horreur!)


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*DG did the design work on the KnitKnotes, by the way. Told you they’re a dynamic duo.

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  1. This is just what I need to get my knitting fingers going. Thanks, Karen. And congrats on your move to Nashville; it’s a wonderful city.

  2. And these by Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Knitting:
    I love (and use!) knit washcloths and dishcloths. I especially love the mix of hand-hemmed cloth and sort of coordinating hand-knitted dish towels, as in the first Purl Bee pattern. It makes me happy. Also, I’m not surprised to see how little time it’s taken you to become enamored of knitting with cotton in the heat and humidity of a Southern summer!

  3. My daughter and I have been getting out dishrag knit on while we’ve had so many dog days of summer. She, at 17, is my knitting wonder and just did two mitered square and has challenged me to do so also! Definitely want to try some of these patterns. We’ve mostly stuck with Grandma’s favorite.

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    Couldn’t have seen this post from Fringe Association at a better time! We’ve been on a wash & dish cloth spree around here of late, getting ready for Bizarre Bazaar and Renegade San Francisco. It can get boring to do the same pattern over and over, even if it’s quick, so these new ideas from Fringe are just the things to re-light the fire!

  5. PERFECT TIMING! I move into a new apartment soon, and I knit myself one washcloth so I could pretend like I was preparing and saving myself money. I was surprised at how much I like a simple seed-stitch square. I’ve had my eye on the Purl Bee patterns, the beauty is that you STILL don’t know how to have to turn a corner — you cast on each direction anew. Good luck!

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