New Favorites: Martin Storey’s mega cables

New Favorites: Martin Storey's mega cables

If it’s anywhere near as hot where you are as it is where I am (hooray, we finally made it to Nashville!) this photo might make you recoil. But this is one of my favorite things I saw at the trade show in May, and I’m happy to see the pattern is now published. It’s Brecon by Martin Storey and it’s somewhere between a poncho and a cardigan, which I would expect to hate, but I love it. Or at least I remember loving it. Based on my reaction to it at the time, I feel certain I’ll be longing to knit and wear it once the temperature starts to dip. But it is kind of hard to imagine at the moment.


SPEAKING OF MY MOVE, things continue to not go as planned (which I guess I should have expected) so shipping is going to continue to be not-quite-daily for the time being. I’ve got a note at the top of the webshop about next projected ship date(s) and will keep that up for as long as it’s sporadic. Back to normal soon! (Or else somebody please shoot me.) But thank you to everyone for your patience in the meantime.

6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Martin Storey’s mega cables

  1. Logistics of a move are complicated. Driving adds a level of risk (hopefully not), oddball weather conditions (is the pass open, are there wildfires?). Ack. Wonderful when it all falls together, but UGH when it does not.
    Yes the weather is tough, and let me tell you that Nashville traffic in the afternoon is the WORST. Do not, I restate, Do Not drive on the interstate during rush hour (4-7 p.m.)
    Settle in, find your Starbucks/Knit shops and get the lay of the land. Moving can be exciting and humbling at the same time.

  2. Enjoy the journey! There is so much noise with moving that it is easy to forget that this is a “big” life transition.

  3. Spinningthemoon is so right! Interstate traffic and general TN driving goofiness can turn a 30- minute trip into hours.. We’ll teach you all the shortcuts and traffic secrets :)

  4. I’m glad that you’re in Ann (Shayne and Patchett) country now, but wonder if your days of knitting (and wearing) heavy woolens might be behind you! But…think of all the linen, cotton, and silk you’ll enjoy!

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