Macrame, mustard and more

Macrame, mustard and more

I’m moments from boarding a plane, so pardon the ultra-quick update, but two boxes landed on my desk yesterday afternoon that you’ll want to know about: First, Macrame Pattern Book is back in stock! And second is Taproot Issue 10, with the theme of “Seed.” Lots of clever angles on that one — I am suddenly convinced I want to ferment my own mustard — and there’s also a lovely baby blanket pattern from Carrie Bostick Hoge. Both are available in the webshop right now!

Anie will be here to ship you whatever you heart desires for the rest of the week (assuming what your heart desires is available at Fringe Supply Co.) UNLESS you’re outside the US, in which case I’ll respond to all emails and orders starting on Monday, when I’m back.

Not sure if there will be enough time or bandwidth to do any blogging while I’m there (honestly, the WordPress apps make me swear quite loudly and I’m not sure that’s appropriate at Squam), but I’ll certainly see you when I can on Instagram. (Both as @karentempler and @fringesupplyco — can’t wait to share pics of the Squam Art Fair table!) My desk is no longer the Squam staging area, and as much as I’m looking forward to Squam, I honestly cannot wait to be able to sit down at it all next week, almost entirely uninterrupted!

So if you don’t hear from me in the meantime, have a fantastic week and weekend, and I’ll be back!


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