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Greetings from Indianapolis! It’s been a long and action-packed weekend. (Filled with some surprisingly great food.) I’ve knitted only a handful of stitches, myself, but have been up till the wee hours every night surrounded by hordes of rowdy knitters, and it’s a happy-making thing. I also haven’t spent much time looking at the wares on offer at the show — so much going on — but have seen some truly amazing samples for patterns coming down the pike, including this beauty of a shawl-collar cardigan by Josh Bennett (weren’t we just talking about him?) for Rowan. It’s called the Grandson Cardigan and I believe it publishes in July — I’ll keep my ear to the ground. And there’s lots more great stuff to be discussed.


10 thoughts on “Future new favorites

  1. I’ve been uninspired by Josh Bennet’s Vogue Knitting patterns for ages now, but this cardigan is something to get excited about. (Love your pants.)

  2. I’ve been thinking of going to TNNA for a few years now. I was disappointed they moved it to early May this year, because I would have been able to go if it was still in June! I think my first year I’d just want to go around and look at everything and meet a bunch of people. I bet you’re having a blast!!

  3. Love the twisted-stitch double lattice. Practiced that from one of Barbara Walker’s stitch collection books, and planned a cardigan for myself. Now I’ve got to get knitting! Thanks for the inspiration!

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