103 ways to tie a knot

103 ways to tie a knot

Hey, good news: That macramé book I’ve been telling you about? It’s here! Well, part of my order is, anyway — not as many copies as I had intended, but enough for the most eager among you to get your hands on it.

As I mention on the shop page, this is an American version of a Japanese book, which you may have inferred from the characteristically plainspoken title, Macramé Pattern Book. It’s 100% in English, but it still has all the aesthetic flavor of a Japanese craft book, with influences ranging from Navajo to Nordic. The knot patterns run from very simple braids to quite elaborate decorative motifs, and projects include everything from friendship bracelets and tassels, to straps and handles, to bags and baskets. But it’s written as a complete how-to guide, starting with tools, how to sit, how to tie basic knots, etc, and then taking you up through the more elaborate stuff. In short: It’s awesome.

I’m honestly not sure how many of you are eager about macramé, but I guess we’ll find out! It could be that these copies are plenty to go around, or they could be gone in an hour. But as far as I know, there are more coming.

AND DON’T FORGET! I love sticking edibles into shipments, and am having great fun this week sending out free cookies. This madness lasts through Sunday: orders of $30 and above (before shipping) will arrive on your doorstep with a ginger cookie enclosed, my treat.


Happy Friday, everyone! Having FINISHED my Trillium (pics soon), I’m free to do whatever I want this weekend, and there will be some macramé going on over here. What will you be up to?

12 thoughts on “103 ways to tie a knot

  1. Working on my Wingspan! The end is in sight! Maybe not this weekend, but here’s hoping! Also – eating Easter Brunch. Next up, finishing a Mother Bear Project bear that has been in UFO land for years….it’s time!

  2. Congratulations for your Trillium!!! Your macrame’s book looks really intersting! This week end, I think I’ll try to figure out how to make peyote bracelet !! ;-)

  3. First of all, let me add my congratulations to you on your completed Trillium! It always feels good to complete a project. As for me, I just completed and mailed to my sister a pair of Knotted Slippers from Cocoknits, and I’ll be gauge swatching and, hopefully, beginning the sweater from Craftsy’s My First Sweater class. Please wish me luck, this will be my first attempt at a sweater that is knitted in pieces and the seamed!!!

  4. I have this book, and indeed, it is absolutely wonderful and still upholds that Japanese craft styling. I hope some of you will pick up this book from Fringe!!

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