Blog Crush: True Brit Knits

Blog Crush: True Brit Knits

One of my favorite blogs is nearly impossible to read, but I mean this strictly in a technical sense. True Brits Knits is Belinda Boaden and Wendy Baker, and you’ve no doubt seen multiple references to it/them here in the past. I love love love their blog, but can only get to their posts by way of a feed reader, or a permalink posted on social media, or what have you. I don’t know what my glitch is, but I do know that persistence pays off! (And here’s the Bloglovin page from which you can get to the individual posts if the site itself isn’t working for you either.) ANYWAY! The point is, however you get to it, get to it. I love the mix of mood boards and trend watching and swatches and sketches, and all the playing around with scale and texture — so inspiring. And you never know what they might be getting up to with patterns. (Remember Pendleton?) Most recently it’s this tricked-out aran sweater, The Highland Bling, which I like to pretend they made with me in mind. If ever I were to wear sequins, they would have to be ironically crusted onto a fisherman sweater, right? Brilliant.

Blog Crush: True Brit Knits

SPEAKING OF AMAZING CABLES: To my immense astonishment (and gratitude!), the enormous stack of Cable Fashion Drama I had, which I thought would last awhile, is already down to a handful of copies. I’m hoping to be able to score some more of them, but at best we’ll be waiting for the slow boat again. Just so you know.


12 thoughts on “Blog Crush: True Brit Knits

  1. Thanks, I had never seen their blog, I needed another knitting blog! NOT! LOL

  2. thanks, i couldn’t figure out how to read their blog in the past …. finally took the plunge into bloglovin’

  3. I can’t afford to look at knitting blogs! But yours is grandfathered.

    Love that leaf motif and those sleeves on the top left.

  4. Thanks for making us discover another great knitting blog. Yours is among my favorites, but there is always room for more in my knitting heart.

  5. I reach their blog through the link on Mason Dixon Knitting. It’s always interesting.

  6. I have been obsessing about a pullover worn by the lead star in the USA version of “the Killing” season 3. It is a dark pullover but looks like it has “sparkles” in the yoke. Have tried to search for image of it but no luck. This sequined pullover comes close if even to learn how to add sequins to a yoke. I wish film wardrobes were published somewhere!

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