Things that make me want to macramé

Things that make me want to macramé

There’s so much amazing macramé going on these days I’d swear it was 1975 all over again. As a kid, I could macramé a pretty mean plant hanger, but my knot knowledge was pretty limited. I bought some fabulous vintage macramé books in Portland awhile back — and have an amazing one on order for the shop, which I wish would arrive! — but have yet to dig in on relearning and advancing my skills. Meanwhile, not a day goes by that I don’t see something wildly inspiring. For example:

(above) Karen Barbé’s knot sampler

Things that make me want to macramé

Cathy Callahan’s Community Macrame Project in LA last weekend (lots of images in her Instagram feed). I love Cathy Callahan and am SO BUMMED she’s teaching two workshops near me while I’m away in Seattle. Have you seen her amazing tasselware?

Things that make me want to macramé

Everything Jo Abellera does. I met her and saw another of her jute bags at West Coast Craft last fall, can’t stop thinking about it, and am also really hoping to catch one of her workshops one day.


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  1. There is also a lovely macrame back on a sleeveless jumper in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. Have you seen it?

  2. I remember learning to macramé as a kid, but haven’t tried it in years. My mom had planters all over the house and if I recall correctly there might have been a few belts that were made too. I didn’t know macramé had made a comeback, and I do have some jute string in my studio that I might just have to bring out.

  3. Oh I love these pictures! I saw Mary Walker Phillips did a macrame book. I think I will have to go find a copy! Love the blue!

    • I’m with you — that jute was hard on the hands! And I don’t want any hairy plant holders.

  4. I can remember doing macrame back in the 70’s and it was nowhere near as cool as this. I seem to recall a plant hanger and a spider plant. *shudder* The jute bag is a whole different ballgame, though. Just gorgeous.

  5. Okay, cutest story ever: My 80 year old father in law knows how to macrame. He took the old metal frame folding chairs and macramed new seats and backs. He is so sweet and so proud of those seats. His wife is an accomplished quilter and he made such an effort to connect with me as a knitter.

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