Someday vs. Right Away: Deluxe knit-purl combos

Someday vs Right Away: Deluxe knit-purl combos

When I finish my Tag Team sweater, I know I’m supposed to get back to my Slade shawl-collar cardigan, but I’m having so much fun with the simple knits-purls-and-nupps combos in the Trillium yoke that I can’t stop wishing I was knitting something really complex next — namely Jared Flood’s Channel Cardigan. It would be super slow going for me, so it may be someday or it may be never, we’ll see. But I could certainly satisfy that knits+purls craving more readily with Jared’s beloved  Guernsey Triangle or with the new Keirnan scarf by Shannon Cook.


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12 thoughts on “Someday vs. Right Away: Deluxe knit-purl combos

  1. I finished a small Guernsey Triangle recently, and it was great. Since it was only my third or so knitting project ever, I didn’t realize how wonderful it was until now . . . while I’m in the midst of miles and miles of stockinette for a Willard pullover (my first sweater).

  2. I very much want the Guernsey Triangle. I also want a big beautiful scarf for next winter, so at the moment I’m knitting the Guernsey Wrap and enjoying every minute of it! Its my breakthrough in reading a chart. Jared Flood’s patterns are amazing!

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    So happy to come across another great post from The Fringe Association. The idea of someday vs. right away is making me think … and not just about knitting . Happy Monday!

  4. ooh the cardigan, really beautiful, and I want to make it and wear it! though I need a simpler knit for now. I did make the triangle, a lovely pattern.

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