Kinfolk 11 has landed

Kinfolk 11 now available at Fringe Supply Co

The new Kinfolk magazine has arrived at Fringe Supply Co.Volume 11, the Home Issue — and it’s a doozy. There’s not much relating to the “make” part of the tagline (apart from the drool-inducing recipes, of course), but it’s a truly gorgeous volume of essays, recipes, home tours, interviews and the like, all to do with how we live in our respective spaces. As the editors summarized it in their letter:

Lone rangers will find a decadent three-course meal designed for a single table setting, house guests are offered tips to guarantee repeat invitations and communal dwellers are given a guide to the notorious shared fridge. There are tips from creative types who work from home (and actually get things done), essays on buildings that live and breathe, and a house sitter’s reflection on what she can discern about you from the contents of your pantry.

One of my personal favorites is the feature wherein children’s self-described dream homes have been rendered in cardboard. And this issue is even more of a whopper than in the past, since following the usual 138 uncoated pages are an extra 32 glossy ones, featuring home tours from New England to Denmark to Jakarta. It’s a whole lot of beauty.

Also back in stock: another stack of Pom Pom 8 and the beloved KnitKnotes enclosure cards, which got quickly wiped out at Stitches.


2 thoughts on “Kinfolk 11 has landed

  1. Save one for me! I’ll be ordering later. I love that term – Lone Ranger! That is so accurate. Although I can’t see me making myself a three course meal…

  2. PS- Good work on the closet organizing. You have ALMOST as many pairs of shoes as I do…well, okay…HALF as many. But many are Target buys and such. I just bought four pairs of ballet flats in different colors. But I plan on weeding out the shoe closet!

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