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Updates & Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

You guys, I got sooooo much knitting done this week for the Tag Team Sweater Project. It was like old times. Unfortunately, I also ripped out a lot of it — specifically, 8.5 inches of Anna’s second sleeve. Late Tuesday night, I finished the second cuff, knitted to the first increase and put a pin in it. The next night, I had a marathon knitting session and worked those 8.5 inches, lining my increases up above that first one. Only at midnight, when admiring my output, did I notice that I had put the first one in the wrong place. With 99% of all sleeves, it wouldn’t matter — I’d just declare that my new center point and carry on accordingly. But since this cuff is garter-in-the-round, which leaves that pseudo-seam, they did need to line up in the exact right spot. So I ripped and re-knit. Before all that happened, I was on track to have the sleeves shipped out today on (re)schedule. But if I excuse myself from the studio for a couple hours this morning and knit my little heart out, I may still be able to send them out today. Cross your fingers for me! Or for us both — looks like Anna is cutting it just as close.


Do you all know about Among Friends? I was honored to have the High-fiber tote included in their Best of the Bay box, which just shipped out. These three ladies have been really great to me and they do such a thoughtful job with their club — you should take a look at their upcoming offerings.

Also: I loved seeing this turmeric-dyeing tutorial by Rebekka Seale on Wool and the Gang’s blog. And Jared Flood’s post about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “Knit, Purl, Sow” show. (Say that three times fast.) And I can’t wait to read this Julie Hoover interview at Caitlin Makes.


I asked the lovely maker of the amazing Bento Bags, if she could make an even bigger bento, and she happily obliged. So today in the shop you’ll find the all-new, first-ever XL Bento! Big enough to hold all the yarn and parts of a worsted-weight sweater. Or, y’know, a small child. It’s awesome! There aren’t very many in this first batch, so if they sell out before you get there, never fear — I’ll have more in a few weeks.

Also new today are some perfectly charming Bonsai-style scissors that nobody should be without.

And! At long last, I got a bunch of rice baskets in — both natural and patterned. Hie thee to Fringe Supply Co.


Have a great weekend, everyone — thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Karen, love your blog! I am constantly inspired to getting busy knitting after reading your daily posts.
    I have 2 questions for you… Which brand of circular needles do you use, and do you ever use interchangeable sets?
    Thank you!

    • I mainly use Dreamz. I do have the interchangeables and also a few fixed ones, and am slowly collecting all the DPN sizes I use. They’re by far my favorites.

      So far …

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