New Favorites: Kyoko’s colorwork

New Favorites: Kyoko Nakayoshi's colorwork

This must be one of those “grass is always greener” things, because suddenly all the solid-colored stuff in my knitting queue is making me crave colorwork. I’m also strangely drawn to fair-isle-style vests these days. My fascination with them was heightened by learning stranded knitting and beginning to pay a little more attention to Fair Isle traditions. But then ever since reading about Amber’s steeked vest (even though it wasn’t meant to be a vest), I’ve been dying to try that. Maybe this spring. Anyway, one of the best ones I’ve seen — in terms of something I could actually imagine wearing as opposed to revering — is Kyoko Nakayoshi’s vest, Suzu. Which also reminded me of these great chevron-patterned accessories of hers I’ve been craving to knit: Silver Maple Comfy Socks and Beanie. I want those socks on my needles as much as I want them on my feet. Which is to say: a lot! (In black and natural, of course.)


SHOP NOTE: Pom Pom 8 is here! as are another few copies of 7 and 6 — which I’m told are the last of their kind!

21 thoughts on “New Favorites: Kyoko’s colorwork

  1. I’m kind of stuck on color work as well. I’m also stuck on the colors, because no matter what I look at, Brooklyn Tweed Long Johns and Snowbound are just perfect. I’ve made my hubs mittens in this, myself mittens in this, and now he’s requested a matching hat. I know they have other colors, but I seem a bit stuck. It’s really not an awful place to be stuck. :)

  2. Gorgeous! It’s been years since I’ve tried color work, but all the pretty designs I’ve seen these last few weeks are making me change my mind!

  3. Hi Karen — got my Pom Pom yesterday — love it! I’d love to have 7 & 6 if you still have them.

    Many thanks!

    And love the colorwork — so pretty. Wish it didn’t still scare me a bit ^v^.

  4. I have slowly been increasing my knitting skills. I can do some color work, but I’m not sure my skill is perfected enough to tackle that vest, but it would be fun to try.

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