The Japanese pattern books have arrived!

Cable Fashion Drama — Japanese knitting pattern collection

I’ve teased you on Instagram about these, but FINALLY the Japanese books I ordered last month are available at Fringe Supply Co. Regarding the one above, I’m just going to repeat myself here from the shop page:

If I could only have one book of knitting patterns, Cable Fashion Drama might very well be the one. And it would keep me busy for a very long time! Built around a Japanese take on American cable knits, it includes patterns for 5 pullovers, 6 cardigans, a vest, a wrap, 3 scarves, 3 hats, 2 bags and a pair of fingerless mitts — all of them amazing.

The book is written entirely in Japanese, but there are full-garment charts, extensive schematics, step-by-step photos for working various stitches, and so on. So knitting from it is doable! It requires a little extra intrepidness. But even if you never knitted a single thing from it, it’s an absolute gem and so inspiring. I’m keeping it on my coffee table.

I’d seen the cover image around the Internet before and never knew it belonged to a book. When I saw and flipped through it, I died. And when it arrived and I could really sit with it, it was even better than I’d realized. I’ve also added two others — equally amazing, a little more specific. They are Cowichan Knitting (a Japanese take on traditional Cowichan sweaters), which also has numerous sweaters I’m coveting, and a crochet book, White, Ivory and Beige Goods, which could not be more beautiful. I lack the skills to knit most of the contents, but boy does this book make me want to improve my skills. Plus I could just gaze at it all day — it’s that lovely.

Cowichan Knitting and Japanese crochet

I was only able to get a handful of copies of each of them, and won’t be surprised if they sell out pretty quickly. I do have more on backorder, so if you miss out on this round, don’t despair! (But do act fast.)

Also, the perpetual favorite High-fiber tote is back in stock, and I’ve added more of the bone DPNs and Indian crochet hooks. I’m also thrilled at the response so far to my little leather stitch marker pouch — thank you so much for the warm reception you’ve given it! AND, last but not least, Pom Pom 8 is now available for preorder.

In stockist news, the Yarn Pyramid can now be found at Handknit Yarn Studio in Hamilton, Ontario, and at A Grand Yarn in Spokane WA — both also now have totes on the way, as do Abuelita’s in Pasadena CA and Unwind in Burbank CA, so look for bags in those locations next week. See the Stockists page for more amazing stores carrying Fringe goods.


Thank you, too, for all the amazing responses to the Q for You this week. I’ve read and loved them all but haven’t had a chance to respond. Clearly I need to get myself a commute and a lunch hour! I’m envious of so many of you.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be working on my Slade. What about you?


33 thoughts on “The Japanese pattern books have arrived!

  1. I just ordered the Cable Drama – I’d been looking for an excuse to buy the removable stitch markers anyways :) This is my first order with you, though I’ve been following your blog for a while. Great shop!

      • Just got my package in the mail yesterday. So quick! Love the stitch markers and can’t wait to start my next sweater using them. And the Cable Drama – so dreamy. The charts and illustrations seem like it really will be doable to follow the patterns. Thanks again!

  2. Wow !!! Love the Cable Fashion Drama book, but it sold out so fast !!! Any chance you will be getting any more ??? Thank you so much !!! Lisa

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  3. I love love Japanese pattern books. The designs are always so great but they are also just so incredible to look at. I may have to order the crochet one now.

      • By the way, there are groups on Ravelry who will help you with translations, deciphering symbols and understanding patterns in case you have any questions. “Japanese knitting and crochet” is one of them. I also got loads of help from the “Learn to crochet” group while I was learning.

  4. I absolutely love Japanese pattern books! I have a couple in my collection. Not sure if I’ll ever knit anything from them, though the charts seem handy enough, but they really inspire me. That’s worth it! (ps. a friend of mine told me that Japanese patterns generally weren’t sized. Have you found that to be true?)

    • I haven’t tried to knit from one, and would check the cable book but they’re all gone! But I did notice grading on the charts for the Cowichan patterns. Or at least what I took to be grading.

  5. Karen thank you so much for getting these lovely books! I must admit that most of the pattern books I buy are for swoon value (until I move to iceland and learn to knit and run/do yoga/sleep at the same time…..)

    Enjoy your slade this weekend! I am alternating between several BT wraps/scarves at the moment – a quay for ma man, and a frieze and afton for moi…..cable craze!!

  6. Sigh. I just ordered some chart notebooks. I guess I ordered too soon. I just found some out of print Japanese stitch pattern dictionaries, and they should be coming soon, but these pattern books look fantastic!! I’ve had my eye on the bone double pointed needles for awhile…sigh. Well, onto my birthday wish list, I guess. Only a month away!

    • haha! afton’s my favourite – i think because it’s lace and cables, and lace is more “flow”y to knit. also am using a particularly buttery batch of blue sky alpaca worsted hand dye in a lovely shade called putty – it’s adding to the enjoyment for sure

    • It’s amazing how much those diagrams made me feel like I really could sit down with it and learn those stitches and symbols — without any English involved! I need to get a copy of that for myself when it’s back.

  7. Why did I not realize how amazing Japanese pattern books were when I lived over there for six years? (Probably because every time I went to Yuzawaya, the super craft warehouse in Tokyo, I stocked up on Noro, instead.) When I go back, I will have a Mission.

  8. Received my Cowichan book in the mail today–loved the handwritten thank you!! I just discovered your blog and it took me less than a week to get roped into buying something…
    I have been wanting to knit a Cowichan-style sweater for a while after falling in love with Granted’s sweaters ( Their motifs, their colors… amazing. I was planning to improvise something but it’s nice to have patterns for back up :)

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