Knit the Look: Marte Mei Van Haaster’s perfect grey pullover

How to knit Marte Mei Van Haaster's perfect grey pullover

I’ve been obsessing over this photo of Marte Mei Van Haaster for the past few months. Her skin, the braid, the leather and shearling, the polka dots, and that delicious grey sweater holding it all together. Knitting the sweater is a no-brainer. You could totally improvise it as a top-down raglan — just start with a smallish number of neck stitches, and when you go back to knit your ribbing, knit a few more rounds than you would for a standard crewneck. Or, if you’d prefer to work from a pattern and/or don’t want any raglan seams, which this sweater appears not to have, you could use Jared Flood’s round-yoked Grettir, skip the colorwork and knit a mini-mock neck instead of the full turtleneck. So that part’s easy. The real question here is the yarn! At the trade show last month, Shibui had a new sample of Julie Weisenberger’s Veronika that was knitted with one strand of Pebble held with one strand of Silk Cloud and it was heavenly. Could be the perfect light, airy, halo-y fabric for this, and seems like it would knit up nicely at Grettir’s gauge.

See Vanessa’s post for more of Marte’s outfit.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

17 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Marte Mei Van Haaster’s perfect grey pullover

  1. Oh, my word! EVERYTHING in this post is so luscious. That whole outfit of hers. The yarn. GREAT post!

  2. I was at Knit Purl yesterday and had that sample of Veronika in my hands…and it is gorgeous! That combination of yarn is really amazing. It is so light but I suspect very warm. A great suggestion for this simple sweater.

  3. Now you have me thinking I need to cast on another sweater ;)
    I am working on my own Acer right now and must say it’s really a fun knit.

  4. I add that Silk Cloud to my projects in much the same way that I add cream to my coffee. It *is* that lovely. That Veronika is a sweater worth more than its weight in softness and drape indeed. I’ve got that yarn combo in my head…now I may have found the perfect inspiration for what to make with it!

    • Very close! I’m pretty sure the one on Marte is actually short-sleeved, and it doesn’t appear to me to have set-in sleeves, but very difficult to tell, given the angle and the fluff.

  5. Ooh I see what you mean, that image is beautiful. I really need that sweater in my wardrobe right now. I seem to have accumulated a small stash of pebble (and some silk cloud too, for that matter) and, though I have yet to knit with it, I just know it’s going to be amazing.

  6. Yes, the sweater is gorgeous, but I have to say that the thigh high boots kind of remind me of fishing waders

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