New Favorites: Shawl-collar cardigans

New Favorites: Shawl-collar cardigans

Yes, I have been knitting Slade, but I’ve got grandpa cardigans on the brain lately, in a general way, and think they’re such a great investment of one’s knitting time and money. Are they ever out of style? Is there anywhere they don’t go? There seems to be a steady stream of good patterns, too — most recently these two:

LEFT: Channel Cardigan is classic Jared Flood; it’s like the sweater version of his Guernsey Wrap and Guernsey Triangle. I like the idea of  a more fitted grandpa sweater like this, although I’d give it full-length sleeves.

RIGHT: Earl by Amy Miller is more of a classic oversized grandpa — yay for pockets! — but I love the simple overall texture and the really generous shawl collar. I would just give it some buttons.

Speaking of shawl-collar cardigans, have you seen the movie Summer in February? Not a great movie, but visually beautiful and worth watching just for the knits. The lead female character has an exquisite grey hat and two shawl-collars — one oatmeal and one charcoal — that she wears throughout the movie. And they are heaven. Heaven!


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  1. I wanna live in that Gypsy Caravan! (I pin them often.) Haven’t seen the movie, but I’ll put it on my radar. That Amy Miller sweater looks like something one could absolutely LIVE in!

  2. I love grandpa cardigans, the comfort and style is something I crave when I am happy and depressed, cold and tired. I just love them, I wish I had the ability to knit the Channel Cardigan. Slade looks amazing!

    • I downloaded it last night and saw that they’ve rated it 5 of 5 for skill level, which REALLY makes me want to knit it — out of curiosity over the rating and to prove to myself I can.

      • I have inversion, rosebud, all seasons and Romney in my growing collection :) but trying to get channel out of my mind is difficult. I know! 5 out of 5 is an achievement and a thing of beauty

  3. Girl, you’re reading my mind! I’ve been looking around the web and ravelry for a nice warm shawl collar sweater. The Channel Cardigan appears to be exactly what I want. Maybe adding pockets and longer sleeves. Thanks for doing the research work for me..

  4. I totally agree. I just finished a Larch Cardigan (by Amy Christoffers) for my sister and Bespoken (by Cassandra Dominick) for my bf. Shawl collars for the win!

  5. So enjoy your posts! Just bought a pattern on sale for 50 cents and was thinking of you…its called “Cozy wrapped Cardigan” with a shawl collar by Cindy Taylor for the Vermont Organic Fiber Company…hope you can track it down just to take a look!

  6. Maybe it’s because I’ve feel like I’ve been living with single digit temperatures for weeks now that I can’t stop thinking about shawl collar cardigans either. Like you said, they never go out of style.

  7. Yes, never goes out of style, I recently bought yarn and pattern for this:
    It is a vintage design but it seems modern I think. And sure to keep me warm in the Swedish winter. But I am still hesitating to knit, I feel it is a bit over my skill level yet, need to do a few more child sweaters or some top before I start this.

  8. I just finished a shawl collar cardigan (my own design) and am already pondering what changes I will make for my next one. Pockets are essential for the true Grandpa look, don’t you think?

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