Blog Crush: Dianna Walla’s Paper Tiger

Blog Crush: Dianna Walla's Paper Tiger

You may or may not have seen my update to the Colorwork for first-timers post, but Dianna Walla noted (and I added) that she had just recently done a post on her blog about knitting from repeat-based charts, so it was a funny coincidence that I had used her same chart as an example in my post — and a big reminder I was behind on my surfing. I find myself catching up on blogs about once every 10 days or so at this point (woe is me!), and Dianna’s Paper Tiger is one I’m always eager to get to. You’ve heard me utter her name fairly regularly lately, with respect to her many recent patterns I admire. I haven’t been following Dianna long enough to know why it’s called Paper Tiger, but I do have the sense that her focus has shifted over the past year or two as she’s advanced her career as a knit designer. It’s hard to pinpoint, but I think what I like so much about her blog is the variety of it, and how plain-spoken she is, whether she’s talking about the biking sweater she just finished for herself, or sharing the back story on a new pattern, or giving a lesson in color dominance, or whatever the case may be. I’ve never met her, but her blog gives me that pleasant feeling that if we did meet, we would totally be friends. (And that’s from before my name turned up in some of her posts!)


SHOP NOTE: I’ve added a few copies of the last two issues of Pom Pom to the shop, and also got a few more of the large natural baskets, which I can’t ever seem to get enough of at one time! FYI, since I had a few questions about it, the ones I used in this post are the “small” size.


2 thoughts on “Blog Crush: Dianna Walla’s Paper Tiger

  1. Can I just say….please fix the zipper in that wonderful sweater so that the stripes meet up better. As it is, the design is great, but the eye goes right to what is wrong. I know some can see past it…I can for that matter…but still, it should be made right. It won’t take long, but should be done.

  2. DITTO !! Totally agree with Clare. However, I am one of the anal-retentive that cannot see past this screaming mishap. The first time I saw this posted (wherever), my eyes quickly avdrted away and gave it no other time or consideration …. sorry :-[

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