So close!

Quintessential buttons

I really thought I was going to be showing you my finished Acer by now. After making significant progress recently, I thought it would be such fun to surprise you all with a big TA-DA! The problem is, I decided I wanted to wear it to the trade show last weekend, and as soon as I put a deadline on it, things started going wrong. (Sad face.) So I had to accept that it wasn’t happening and stop trying to race to the finish line. But soon, very soon!

Meanwhile, there are two new items in the shop today that have ties, of a sort, to this cardigan. Awhile back, Julie Hoover posted a photo of her cable needles, which were too beautiful for words. I bought myself a set and knitted the rest of this sweater with them, enjoying them immensely — so much so that I ordered them for the shop. Six months later, they’ve finally arrived! Then this week I started thinking about buttons for my Acer and remembered I have a stash in the studio. Back in June, I bought a small number of really perfect old-school buttons, also for the shop, but hadn’t ever gotten them sorted out and shot and priced. After raiding the pile, I finally got the main type listed. So here they are for you: notched rosewood cable needles and quintessential buttons!


So, uh, you know what I’ll be doing this weekend. How about you?


15 thoughts on “So close!

  1. Same here! And those cable needles…swoon. I’m curious to hear from you, Karen, & fellow knitters if you think gauge of cable needles really matters within a certain range. I have two cabling needles that I bought at Michaels back when I started knitting two years ago: one’s “thin” and one’s “thick.” They aren’t labeled with their gauge, and looking at the cabling needles in your shop, I’m wondering if a similar approach would be taken (3s for finer gauge projects, for example, but not necessarily only for projects on a size 3).

    Just finished the Eno; cables on the brain!

    • They just need to be close enough to neither fall out nor stretch your stitches. I used the medium one on my Acer, which was otherwise knitted on US7.

  2. You have the most wonderful items in you shop Karen and I am looking forward to ordering the cable needles as a Valentines present to myself.
    My Yarn Pyramid picture is framed and hangs right by my rocking chair, making me smile each time I see it.

  3. OhMyKnittingGoddesses, Karen! Those rosewood cable needles are gorgeous – and a Must Have! They sure beat the bent metal thingy I bought a while back. And I’d like to report that the hat I’m currently making has a 1/1 cable spiral as part of the pattern. (Very tiny cable-making beginnings.) So far I’m using my fingers to hold one stitch while I knit the other … :) (Don’t ask.) Next… the cable world! Can’t wait to see you in Acer (I mean, really, just the name!) Fun not forced.

  4. I agree, simple but nicely made buttons are hard to find. And those cable needles are a must.

    Looking forward to seeing your Acer. I am hoping to wrap on my wrap this weekend.

  5. The grooves in the cable needles are brilliant! I use a dpn as a cable needle, but those rosewoods ….mmm. The only thing better than a tool that works is a beautiful tool that works.

    Hopefully I’ll have the time to finish up a new pair of gloves. I bought some of that conductive thread that supposed works with touchscreens. Curious to see how well it works.

    Good luck with getting that Acer finished!

    • “The only thing better than a tool that works is a beautiful tool that works.” Amen!

      I’ve been hearing a lot about that conductive yarn lately. I don’t wear gloves with fingers (not cold enough here) but am curious to know if it works!

  6. I’m taking a sock-knitting class this weekend. Chalking up one new skill at a time. Cables are definitely next. Those cable needles are gorgeous. Using beautiful tools and beautiful yarn is absolutely one of the attractions of knitting. How difficult is it to get stuff from your shop shipped to Canada?

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