2013: My favorite New Favorites and your favorite posts

Best of New Favorites: Sweater patterns

You know there has to be some reflection and projection here as the calendar flips over from 2013 to ’14, starting with the patterns that caught my attention over the course of the year. Pretty much every week, under the heading of New Favorites, I post about the patterns that I not only like or admire but that make my fingers twitch with the urge to cast on — whether it’s great new releases, a designer who’s caught my eye, or some gap in my wardrobe or skill set I’m thinking about filling. Clearly I’m fickle, and some are more passing fancies than others. But some of these picks burrow into my brain and simply demand to be knitted. Here are the ones I’m still fixated on — I hope to cast on at least some of them in 2014.

top left: Stonecutter pullover by Michele Wang (Pattern of the Year, as far as I’m concerned)
top right: Dwell cardigan by Martin Storey
bottom left: Trillium cardigan by Michele Wang
bottom right: Rook pullover by Kyoko Nakayoshi

Best of New Favorites: Fingerless gloves

Antiquity mitts by Alicia Plummer

Best of New Favorites: Scarf/shawl patterns

left: Flying Squirrel stole by Michiyo
right: Imposter’s Shawl by Amber Corcoran

Best of New Favorites: Sock patterns

left: Climb socks by Jane Richmond
right: Cream socks by cabinfour

The hats I am most persistently obsessed with were both mentioned on the blog, but neither of them in New Favorites. They are the Bray Cap by Jared Flood and Gwyneth by Leah McGlone.


And speaking of favorites, here are the ten posts that attracted the most views over the course of 2013:

1. How to improvise a top-down sweater
2. Holiday knitting cheat sheet: A hat for every head
3. Best summer sweater knitting patterns
4. Double Basketweave Cowl (free pattern)
5. New Favorites: Simply Great Cowls
6. Scarves to start now
7. Wabi Mitts (free pattern)
8. Fast, easy and warm: Jumbo Stitch Cowls collection (free patterns)
9. Knitter’s Delight: Beautifully textured hats
10. Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Cowls all around


15 thoughts on “2013: My favorite New Favorites and your favorite posts

    • It’s a great sweater, and made an appearance in New Favorites, but it’s not one of the ones I endlessly crave. I don’t know if you saw that I got to try it on, and can say first-hand it’s a magnificent sweater. I love the way it sits on the shoulders. Especially with less ease than the pattern recommends.

  1. Love all your choices as usual, Karen. I too, have been consistently drawn to Flying Squirrel. Between the beautiful texture, the classic and ever-appealing sailor colors, the drape, etc.. But…I am not sure when I see it from the back. Been hedging on it since it came out. Trillium on the other hand….I know I would wear like crazy. Sigh….always trying to balance the appeal of a knit that is new and different….and one I know I will become an indispensable part of my wardrobe. Decisions, decisions…;-)

  2. OhMyYarnGoddesses! This post tantalized me all day – I just got a glimpse of it this morning before I had to leave. Now I can savor…
    Still haven’t done my Flying Squirrel though I have the pattern and the yarn. I have started it three times and become miserably lost with (the very simple – geez!) pattern and frogged it. Seems like the perfect winter project. How can I ever get to something like Rook if I can’t manage Flying Squirrel? Sorry, I see that I need to let go of my 2013 angst with my distractable mind and knitting and boldly go into the new year… :)

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