FO Sightings: Kathy Cadigan’s Jón hat

FO Sightings: Kathy Cadigan's Jon hat

After posting about small-scale knitting alternatives to the amazing Jón lopapeysa pattern last Thursday morning, I saw a photo on Instagram along with a message to me from Kathy Cadigan (@kathycad) that she was borrowing Jón’s colorwork motif for a hat. Which made me super jealous, but the funny thing is she hadn’t seen my blog post yet — it was a total coincidence! I had been fantasizing the night before about applying the yoke pattern to either mitts or a hat, but it turned out Kathy did the very sensible thing of using the simpler chart from the sleeves/waist instead. She posted the finished hat over the weekend (also on Ravelry) and look how spectacular. It’s a lopi for those of us in milder climates — I must knit it.


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  1. This is one of those patterns that makes me want to try something I have been avoiding like the plague “color work” because after years of knitting, I still can’t make a sweater that fits. But it seems that I keep noticing colors in knitting these days and it’s really messing with my head.

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