New Favorites: Amy Christoffers’ columns of cables

Amy Christoffers' cable sweater knitting patterns

There’s a sweater pattern very near the top of my to-knit list that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here. It’s Amy Christoffers’ Wren, above left. There’s no end of what you can do when you abut cables, and Amy seems to have a knack for it. Those wide and shallow cable pairs, stacked in columns, look like plating to me — almost like an exoskeleton of some sort! I’m mesmerized by them, and also love the attention to detail in how the waist ribbing folds itself into the cables. I’m dying to knit it (and to have it). But then along comes the new Twist Collective and here’s Amy at it again with the beautiful columns of cables. In Calabash, above right, the cable pairs are narrower and inverted (as compared to Wren) and in this case they remind me of laurel branches. Such a totally different effect. For Calabash, she’s contained them to the yoke, in a V, on both front and back. And they lend just enough structure to that funnel neck to make it work. Both such simple, beautiful sweaters.


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Thanks so much, and I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!

6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Amy Christoffers’ columns of cables

  1. This is gorgeous! I love them both. I’m rarely attracted to the high-necked sweater, but the cables keep this so interesting (and flattering).

    I have an (unrelated) question for you and your most wise readers as I work out my Christmas list: do you have any favorite pattern *books* that a knitter should own? I realize that I almost exclusively knit from online patterns purchased one-off, and I’d love to build a collection of books that I can return to that contain patterns. (I have a good set of what I guess I’d term “technique books,” and all the most wonderful EZ books, but nothing else that is exclusively dedicated to patterns.)

    So curious to see what you might have used, or what you or others would recommend!

  2. I actually gasped aloud when I saw Calabash in Twist. It’s a sweater so me I can’t believe I don’t own it already.

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