New Favorites addendum: Cream socks

Cream socks pattern

Remember those adorable improvised socks I mentioned at the end of the last New Favorites? What I failed to notice is that, in the time since I first saw those, many moons ago, she has published the pattern for them. Had I realized it, that particular New Favorites would have been a duo of Jane Richmond’s Climb and Cabinfour’s Cream, so this is me making up for that missed opportunity.

Thanks, Deneise, for bringing it to my attention (and for the pattern!).


4 thoughts on “New Favorites addendum: Cream socks

  1. I just saw this post , and boy, am I happy I did. These socks are so beautiful–simple ,but beautiful. I am a sucker for handmade footwear. I fully intend to buy this pattern to make more Maine winter socks. Our weather has been very cold, and nothing feels better than handmade socks on a frosty morning! Thanks Karen and Deneise!

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