New Favorites: Boyfriend socks

Boyfriend socks

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like wearing socks, like, in the daytime — with shoes — and do it only under duress. But on a chilly evening, with leggings or pajama pants? Nothing seems more appealing than old-school sweat socks or L.L. Bean-style ragg wool socks. So from the minute Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond released the pics from their new joint collection, Journey, I’ve been dying to knit the Climb socks, pictured above. Perfect examples of their type.

See also: IBH’s Toasty Socks from Green Mountain Spinnery and Men’s Socks for Giving Away (or, you know, keeping for yourself) at the Purl Bee (free pattern). And the cutest little improvised socks I have yet seen.


17 thoughts on “New Favorites: Boyfriend socks

  1. Honestly? Those Climb socks are the FIRST pair of socks that makes me think I’d like to knit a pair! And those Spate mitts are beautiful! I usually like plainer gauntlets, but those are really special.

    • Hi, Ines. If you’re very new and going to give socks a try (and I commend you for that — good skill expander), I would say play it safe and do everything exactly according to the pattern, right down to the recommended yarn.

  2. These are amazing, and perfect for me right now because I’ve been dying to try knitting socks this winter! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What is it about socks like this, with the grey and white and their sweet little red stripes? They’re just so… so… satisfying somehow! MUST DO. Thank you, Karen and thank you, Jane!

  4. Love these socks and see that individual patterns from Journey are now available for download! So excited to knit these! The entire collection is quite lovely…congrats to Shannon and Jane!

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