New Favorites: Martin Storey’s pioneers

Martin Storey's Pioneer sweater pattern collection from Rowan

How did I miss this? Apparently in July (!) a new Rowan collection by Martin Storey came out, called Pioneer, aimed right at my Midwestern-farm-stock heart. If you’re reading this and own or work in a yarn store that has a copy of this available, will you please let me know? It’s crazy-making to me that Rowan collections — much less individual patterns — can’t be bought in digital form. (Although my bank account is glad of it.) But this is one little Rowan booklet I definitely need to have.

TOP LEFT: Shelter cardigan, amazing long, cabled, pocketed cocoon to live in

TOP RIGHT: Wilderness pullover, would you look at that crazy texture?

MIDDLE LEFT: Dwell, and I will be dwelling on this until it is MINE

MIDDLE RIGHT: Crockett pullover and Quilt cardigan, both available in his and hers versions

BOTTOM LEFT: Almanac cardigan, beautifully shaped in front, giant feather in back

BOTTOM RIGHT: Homeland, that hip detail is gorgeous

You can see 14 patterns at Rowan or Ravelry. Really magnificent stuff.


26 thoughts on “New Favorites: Martin Storey’s pioneers

  1. I love it too, I’ve seen it when it was out, so tempted to buy it, but I have far too many projects to finish first. Martin Storey is one of my favourite designer.
    I’m knitting a pair of socks designed by him for Rowan, very lovely… if only I had eight arms and 16 hands! ;)

  2. Oh wow, these patterns are lovely. I’ve been a bit too intimidated to attempt sweater knitting (I’m all about blankets, hats, scarves and mittens) but the textured sweater and the one with the feather on the bag is just beautiful. Perhaps I need to face my fears.

  3. I too am disappointed in how difficult it can be to get a lusted after Rowan pattern (like Cheeky!). I feel your pain and want Dwell, as well. ;-)

  4. I hadn’t seen these either except the other day I stumbled across Wilderness but then couldn’t find where it came from. I would knit that sweater in a heartbeat!

  5. Lol, you did know about it. You repinned some of my pins featuring designs from the book weeks and weeks ago. I guess with all that knitting goodness out there it can all get to be a blur. Definitely get the book, it’s gorge! I have “Shelter” in my sights, and I want to style it exactly like in the photo…

    • OK, that made me really worried for my brain! I took a scroll back through my pins and saw none of these, and then realized I perhaps had hit “like” on something when I was in a hurry, thinking I’d investigate it later. Sure enough, Shelter is in my likes — your pin with my comment “omg love.” Who knows what other treasures are buried in my likes, waiting for me to come back to them …

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