My new true love

My new true love: Tundra from Fibre Company

My knitting time this week has been scant but immeasurably pleasurable. I’m working on a new pattern and got this skein of Tundra from The Fibre Company to swatch with, thinking it might be the perfect yarn for the design, and holy alpaca is it wonderful stuff. And I did do my little bit of cable surgery last Sunday, which means the long-suffering cardigan is ready for my attention again. So I’ll be making time for both projects this weekend, if all goes well. (I know, monogamy, whut?)


1) I felt bad about pointing you to Rebekka Seale’s tasty Camellia Fiber Company while she happened to be low on skeins. But she mentioned in a message to me that she’s got new yarn going up today, so check back over there.

2) Angela Hickman followed up on my remark last week about not knowing what #CaribouKnits is all about. She pointed me to the source, and it’s a pretty awesome project, so take a look at that too, please. And I apologize for being inadvertently flip about it. More power to Kay Gardiner for having contributed miles of tweets to the cause at this point, and being wildly entertaining in the process.

3) I was asked whether Rhinebeck attendees who aren’t on Instagram could tweet with the #rhinebeck4fringe hashtag to enter the Rhinebeck Sweater contest, and the answer is YES. I’ve added that to the original post. Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped get the word out so far! Here’s hoping for photos.

Happy weekend, everyone. I may not always ask, but I always want to hear about what you’re working on…


11 thoughts on “My new true love

  1. You have the most fun with yarn. I’m knitting socks and mittens at the moment. Neither for me but both for grateful recipients. And, in the spirit of your recent post, the mitts are definitely pushing my skills levels.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Love the color of your new yarn!

    I am knitting (and crocheting) holiday gifts. Lots of mitts, and a few big projects too. But I am getting a real itch to start a sweater. For me. Heh…

  3. That yarn looks amaaaazing. I want it in the Aurora color! What a great lemongrass shade.

    Can you only buy it at a stockist? I want to buy it onliiiine. Womp womp.

    • I’m sure you can get it somewhere online — purl soho or webs or jimmy beans, if not any of the smaller shops. Google it — OR do you ever look up yarns in Ravelry? There’s a little link in the right column of each page with links to stores that sell it (online and b&m).

  4. This weekend – with a eye to holiday giving – I’m fulfilling on my plan to knit true blue moebius scarves. My long long circulars arrived, I have gorgeous bulky yarn in amazing colorways and Cat Bordhi’s YouTube open. I’m set! The first one is looking good.

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