Four great Manos patterns = four great prizes

Four beautiful Manos patterns, four beautiful prizes

The nice people at Fairmount Fibers/Manos del Uruguay Yarns recently pointed me to their pattern archive, which I somehow hadn’t explored before and which turned out to be a treasure trove. They also expressed an interest in giving one of you some yarn. There happened to be four accessory patterns in their recent releases that I especially liked, so I arranged a four-prize giveaway with them — lucky you! Here are the patterns I zeroed in on:

  • TOP LEFT: Rocha beret pattern designed by Heather Zoppetti, knitted in aran-weight Wool Clasica (+Ravelry)
  • TOP RIGHT: Salto fingerless mitts pattern designed by Christine Marie Chen, knitted in DK-weight Silk Blend (+Ravelry)
  • BOTTOM LEFT: Sandalo shawl pattern designed by Corrina Ferguson, knitted in fingering-weight Fino (+Ravelry)
  • BOTTOM RIGHT: Vanda hat pattern designed by Anne Kuo Lukito, knitted in worsted-weight Maxima (+Ravelry)

So the deal is, we’re giving away one of each of these four patterns, along with the yarn for knitting it, in the winners’ choice of colors. To enter, do the following—

Step 1: Decide which one of these four patterns is your favorite, click the Ravelry link next to it and add it to your Ravelry favorites.
Step 2: Come back here and leave a comment saying which pattern you’re playing for, along with your Ravelry username.

You have until Sunday night to enter. I’ll choose a winner at random for each of the four patterns and announce the winners here at the beginning of the week. Please note* that this giveaway is for people with U.S. mailing addresses only, and is limited to one entry per person, as described above.

So here we go — which one will you choose?


*Note also that Manos is providing the prizes for this giveaway, but the opinions expressed are strictly my own and freely offered. Employees of Fairmount/Manos are not eligible to enter, nor are any of my family members.

148 thoughts on “Four great Manos patterns = four great prizes

  1. Hi Karen, good fun! Carolyn in Macon, aka knit-faced, on Ravelry, would like to knit up some Salto Mitts.

    Good Day, ;-)

  2. wow, hard choice but I finally decided on the Salto fingerless mitts. I love the yarn and the design of the mitts. I am jweide.

  3. Thanks for doing this! Very cool! I’m Knittingneurotic on Ravelry and would love the Vanda pattern.

  4. Sandalo. I’m moving to the tropics in three months, and slowly accepting my knitting transition to fingering weight and lace. Beautiful.

    rav: poppyandsparrow

  5. Ooh, Salto, for sure! fingerless mitts are perfect for my chilly office, and those mitts are beautiful and so cozy-looking. I’m knittedblissJC on Ravelry. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway, all those patterns are beautiful!

  6. Sandalo. i’ve been wanting to give a lace shawl another go. would knit it in “inkwell”.

    rav: gossie

  7. Great giveaway! I like all those patterns, but will go with the salto mitts. My rav name is jessmo.

  8. Salto please :)
    Ofoxanne on ravelry….
    Have a great weekend! It’s looking like great knitting weather over here in Marin :-)

  9. Wow, Sandalo is love–just the kind of lacy shawl I have been looking for. Love the color shown here. but I bet is would also be gorgeous in a deep dark blue or purple. My Ravelry name is Carri-Lu

  10. I would love to make Sandalo. How great would this look with jeans and a t-shirt! I’m ateliermarie on Ravelry.

  11. Awesome giveaway! To be honest, I’ve never knit with Manos yarn and I’ve been knitting for 15+ years! I love the way the Sandalo shawl drapes, I love the pattern and I’m sure the yarn is gorgeous :D

    I’ve favorited it as SillyLittleLady!

  12. Great giveaway! I would like Salto, would make a great Christmas gift for my granddaughter. Would like them for myself too, was hard to choose as I really like Sandalo too. My user name is Granmabev4.

  13. Salto for sure. I have been wearing my wristwarmers and feel that I need to switch to handwarmers and as I lost one from my favorite pair it is time for new ones! I am –anu on ravelry

  14. salto! what a great look and i’m guessing a quick, enjoyable knit! i’m deeknits on ravelry. thanks!

  15. Great giveaway!! I love that Sandalo pattern and the yarn looks gorgeous. I would want to knit it exactly like the sample! My ravelry username is cwhittemore. Thanks Karen!

  16. That Sandalo shawl is gorgeous! I would love to be able to knit it for my wedding someday.
    My Ravelry name allthatcakeknit. Thanks you rock!

  17. This was very easy…I really do LOVE Manos yarns, and Silk Blend is my favorite. I am also a big fan of fingerless mitts, so Salto really is a perfect combination of pattern and yarn for me. I am laumayunlimited on Ravelry.

  18. Seems the Sandalo pattern is very popular. I agree I would like to play for Sandalo!
    My rav name is : mysistersknitter

  19. Salto for me too. They had me at fingerless mitts, but reeled me in hook, line, and sinker with the Silk Blend. krisnvt

  20. I would love love love love love love to knit the Sandalo pattern! It’s so gorgeous I don’t know what to do.

    Ravelry username: insurgentart

  21. Like so many, it is Salto for me. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the cool air and the wish to snuggle my hands into something gorgeous that struck me this afternoon.

    And I’m kayteau on rav (and pretty much everywhere)

  22. I love Sandalo! That color is beautiful! I am LakeviewChica on Rav. Thanks for another chance at a great contest.

  23. Sandalo for sure! I love bigger shawls that I can wrap around my shoulders or my neck :)

  24. Love the Salto pattern. My name on Raverly is Yanonis Thanks for holding this contest great opportunity for a fairly new knitter.

  25. inital thoughts are the salto, but lately lace has a hold on me so i have to say sandalo, i will probably make them all anyway. ravelry name bpenatzer
    thank you

  26. Vanda – it is getting to the time of year I need a few more hats for morning, noon and night and in between too. And that yarn color is delicious

  27. My ravelry username is cavecricket and I LOVE sandolo in the garnet brooch color way!

  28. Vanda was a close second but my favorite is Sandalo! Gorgeous pattern and yarn. My Ravelry name is puguita.

  29. I like them all but going to go with Vanda (will be my first attempt at cables!) my ravelry name is moomintrollip. Thanks!

  30. Thanks for sharing the link to Mano’s pattern collection! So many things to add to my already out-of-control knitting list!

    My favorite of these four is Salto, and my Ravelry name is MeganLudwig.

  31. Thank you for this opportunity! I love Manos patterns and yarn! I am playing for Salto. Hope I win. My raverly name is DMyers764! Thanks again….

  32. I would love to knit up “Vanda”. I am seafan2 on Revelry. Thanks for the chance to win this great pattern and yarn.

  33. I’ve been looking for a great pair of mitts and I think Salto totally fits the bill!! Love the pop of pattern against the solid yarn!!
    Rav ID: HillyDilly

  34. I would love to make the beautiful Sandalo shawl in No. 407 Velvet Pincushion. My Ravelry name is lkroberts.

  35. I love love LOVE Sandalo! I have been looking for a lacy shawl pattern and this one is beautiful. I am knitnurs on Ravelry.

  36. I’m playing for the fingerless mitts, Salto. I love them and the yarn looks gorgeous. Ravelry name is Malorie

  37. Thanks and what fun. I love the Salto mitts. Great pattern and what’s not to love about silk blend yarn! DJ

  38. I’m a sucker for cables, so I like Rocha best. Of course I’d have to pay someone else to make it for me, cuz MaineDruid doesn’t knit.

  39. Hello! I love Salto and favorited it on Ravelry. My username is UpNorthKaren. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Hi, thanks for a great giveaway offer.
    I am playing for Sandalo. My handle on Ravelry is ceciletoo.

  41. Salto for sure – I <3 fingerless mitts – can't have enough of those! and I <3 Manos yarn so win-win!! Thank you for your generosity – once again!

  42. Salto is my choice – I have a low thyroid condition, so my hands are usually cold in the fall/winter, and these look like they would keep my hands toasty warm. I am Kathyanne on Ravelry.

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