Contemplating monogamy — and a new pouch!

Acer cardigan progress — and a new long tool pouch!

Check it out! I’m finally making some real progress on my Acer cardigan. It turns out the secret to making a sweater is to actually work on it. This is the problem with my wanting to knit sweaters all the time — they take so long (comparatively) that I wander off and make other things, which makes the sweater take that much longer and seem like a bigger undertaking than it actually is. I’m stating the obvious here, obviously. So I’m considering becoming a knitting monogamist. Seriously. I think it’s like multi-tasking, where all the things you’re doing at once wind up taking longer than if you did them sequentially. I don’t know if it’s possible for me, but I’m going to give it a genuine try. If I can maintain focus, I may be wearing this one by Halloween. (Do you think I’ll have enough yarn?)

The other thing I’m contemplating is needle storage. Like to the point that it’s become a minor obsession. I have a few different ideas in various stages of conception/development, which I’m very excited about. But what’s most immediately exciting is the needle pouch Amy Tremper of Stitch & Hammer sent me this week, seen above. It turns out she knits — she’s been holding out on me — and recently made herself a long version of the Wrapper pouch to hold her needles, and then thought maybe I’d like to stock it at Fringe Supply Co. Which of course I would! I fell so instantly in love with it — the minute I plopped a handful of needles and hooks into it — that I went ahead and photographed it and added it to the shop. So it’s available today as a preorder! And Amy will begin making them as orders are coming in. Orders received in the next week or so (depending on volume) should be ready to ship out by the 25th, with further batches to follow. So the sooner you order, the sooner yours will be in your hot little hands!

Have a great weekend, everyone — thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Contemplating monogamy — and a new pouch!

  1. What a beautiful pouch- I follow Stitch and Hammer on Instagram and love all her work!
    I agree with knitting monogamy…. it seems none of my projects ever get DONE unless I keep to one (or maybe just two) at a time. Your Acer is looking beautiful!

    • I’m such a loser. I wrote this last night and queued it up. Had about an hour to knit last night, wanted to watch Project Runway, and it wasn’t the right time to reacquaint myself with the lace on this … so I cast on another Bob hat. Oy. But this weekend I’m looking for more quality Acer time!

  2. Wow, your Acer is flying (even if you don’t feel like it is!). Please don’t tell me that that’s all the yarn you have left??!! Love the new needle pouch … gorgeous!

    • It has gone really quickly in the two or three patches of time that I’ve focused on it. (Since February!) And yes, that is all the yarn I have left. I’m getting a little worried. Hoping worst case scenario is I need a new skein for the neck and button band, which wouldn’t be the end of the world if it was ever so slightly different. But I have the sense that BT Shelter is pretty consistent. Am I deluding myself?

  3. Thank you for laying out the sweater like that. it looks so … so … do-able, finish-able, if you know what I mean. It helps me wrap my mind around sweater construction.

  4. You know, I used to be totally knitting monogamous – compulsively so – and I accomplished a lot. Now I’m branching out to a couple of projects at a time. I do think the key is, as you said, to actually work on the knitting. I still make progress, at the same pace, as long as I keep knitting. And with 2 projects, if I get a bit fussed on one, I’ve got another to occupy myself while I sort out a potential fix on the first. I think the problem emerges if one never goes back to the project giving the challenge (as they all seem to do at some point or another) by continuing to add a new one.

  5. Your Acer is coming along nicely! I think it’s fine to have another project on the go for when you want to knit but can’t concentrate on the tricky bits! But being monogamous means you can find your place in the pattern quicker and don’t have to get back ‘into’ it!

  6. Needle storage is definitely a challenge! Mine currently live all tangled up in a clear boring plastic bin from The Container Store. Not the most attractive but at least they’re all in one place. How do you store your circulars to keep them neat and what are you using to keep your double points together? Are those white rubber bands or ponytail elastics? The new needle pouch is gorgeous.

  7. The Acer is looking great! Sometimes I think you just need to get yourself into the ‘zone’ and it flies off your needles. :)

    You are killing me with these gorgeous pouches – I swear, at least three times I week I go to your store and hover my mouse over the ‘purchase’ button before changing my mind. One day I’ll do it, I’m thinking it might make a nice Christmas present to myself. :)

  8. I agree, knitting on one or two projects at a time help things happen, lately I’ve had a problem of finishing things too fast and then I’m not prepared to start a new project for a few days.

    As for needle storage, I have found a solution that has worked for me for about a year, which means I actually use it! It’s just not very cool looking. Keeping circulars organized and orderly is the biggest challenge. I would love a smaller pouch to keep my short scissors and misc small tools, and needles for a WIP, but I have found that I can’t keep my needles in something like that. I don’t keep it organized then I give up and lose a DPN.

    Love that pouch!

  9. That is a beautiful colourway!
    I am of the “monogamous” knitting school of thought myself – it is less frustrating because I keep all the notes fresh in my mind. It’s the way to go for complicated projects, for sure.

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  11. Needle storage!! I’d love to hear some needle storage ideas! I have long wooden ones that I can’t seem to keep from warping… I was storing them in a needle pouch, and I noticed warping, so now I have them straight up and down in a glass, which looks pretty, but I’m still seeing warping… unless I’m just noticing bending from before… haha any ideas?

    ps I don’t think knitting monogamy could ever work for me, I’d get way to bored. Right now I think I have about 6 or 7 projects on the needles, and I like having the option to pick what to work on based on my mood or level of focus :) But I wish you good luck!

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