Stadium and Whichaway GIVEAWAY

Win this yarn! A giveaway from Fringe Supply Co. and Fringe Association

The pattern for this morning’s Whichaway Mitts is now listed on Ravelry, along with the Stadium Mitts and Stadium Hat. If you like these patterns, I’m offering you a chance to win the yarn to knit them with!

I really love these patterns, y’all. They’re the kind of quick, simple yet satisfying patterns I would have been thrilled to find when I was first knitting, and that I still love as palate cleansers (or “snack knitting” as Ann Shayne calls it). And I think all of the finished goods are so cute and timeless — as fun to wear as they are to knit. Plus this yarn is just an absolute joy in (and on!) the hands. So I’d like your help in spreading the word about them to your Ravelry friends.

To that end, as I mentioned, I’m giving away two skeins of Anna yarn from Fringe Supply Co. to one lucky winner*, in your choice of colors (subject to availability). Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Hit the “add to favorites” button on any of the three Ravelry pattern pages (listed below)
Step 2: Leave a comment below saying which one you favorited, and what your Ravelry username is

You can enter up to three times by repeating those two steps for each of the three patterns. Of course, I’d also love for you to Pin, Facebook or Tweet them, but this giveaway is based on Ravelry favorites. On Monday night, I’ll choose a winner at random from all of the qualified comments on this post.

I’ll announce the winner here on Tuesday morning! So get clicking:

— Favorite the Stadium Mitts at Ravelry
— Favorite the Stadium Hat at Ravelry
— Favorite the Whichaway Mitts at Ravelry

And thank you!

UPDATE: THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED and the winner, chosen at random, is blithespirit. Thanks again for your support and your help spreading the word!


*This contest is open to readers around the globe. I don’t have any family members on Ravelry, as far as I know, but they would not be eligible to enter.

137 thoughts on “Stadium and Whichaway GIVEAWAY

  1. I added the Whichaway Mitts to my favorites! I absolutely love quick projects with fun, cozy yarn that provide instant satisfaction and warmth. Thanks for sharing!

    Ravelry Username: sweetmelissaknits

  2. I favorited all of them, which wasn’t hard to do, your patterns are great! Cuneopolis on Ravelry.

  3. I love the traditional marled yarn and your patterns are the perfect way to show off its rustic beauty.

  4. just favourited the Stadium hat pattern – I’ve been meaning to look for a good hat pattern, and BOOM! perfect.

    ravelry username: sarcasmgirl

  5. I favorited all three, and would most likely knit the stadium hat first! (I’m Kimidawn24 on Ravelry).
    Cute patterns- I’ll make sure to recommend them to my newbie knitter friends who are looking for something cute but not too hard.

  6. Favorited the Stadium Mitts right away, love this pattern for knitted gifts. Wrenknits on Rav.

    • Faved the stadium mitts. Perfect for every family member and it might be possible to actually make one for every family member! Rav name is Kazie

  7. Of course just faved the Stadium Hat to match up with the mitts. I am a big hat knitter and love adding stripes. Wrenknits on Rav.

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  9. I favorited the hat, because I’ve just finished some mittens of yours, and they are beautiful, thank you ! ; ) – Trifouillis on Ravelry

  10. The Whichaway Mitts are my favorite! Faved on Ravelry: username: MarthaJayne. I have an absolute obsession with fingerless gloves right now, and these are super cute. Love!

  11. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I love your stadium hat so much, and when I was browsing your previous blogposts yesterday, I told myself that I shoulf really knit your hat before the end of the year!

  12. I love the stadium mitts! I wear fingerless gloves all winter, even in mild Oklahoma. Faved on ravelry by rserven

  13. I’ve favourited all three! They’re fabulous patterns and it’s gorgeous yarn! I’d love to make my gorgeous little girl and I a matching set!

  14. I too, have favorited the stadium mitts. I’m thinking of knitting them for an avid football fan I know. She’s recently moved away from the town where the team plays, and these in team colors might be a consolation to her on game days! Thanks!

  15. i favorited all 3 since i am making them for my husband, the hat first, they are so cute and easy to do revalry bpenatzer

  16. Hi! Sandrajames on Ravelry… Love the stadium mitts in black and white – that yarn looks amazing too.

  17. Great giveaway, the Stadium hat and mitts were already in my favorites. Love black &white, classic, timeless, matches everything..

  18. The Whichaway mitts are my fave for their originality. They’re perfect way to wear “your favorite slippers” without a routine!
    Ravelry username: patamodeler

  19. Love the stadium mitts. Simple and stripey – hoping I might have something in the stash that could work up this weekend…
    (Rav: c-villehokie)

  20. Love all of these patterns! This is one of my favorite knitting blogs.
    Rav name ACheshireAlice

  21. favorited stadium hat… very cute, and I love the colorway where it’s the reverse of the matching mitts :) lovelywren on ravelry

  22. the whichaway mitts have been favorited! So cute that you can wear them both ways – very fun idea, Karen :D lovelywren on ravelry

  23. And the stadium mitts! I love all three patterns, and the yarn has been tempting me for so long now! kelsiemorgan on ravelry

  24. Favorited all three patterns:
    Whichaway Mitts because I am really interested in novel ways to colorblock (mostly because I never have the right amount of one color for a given project)
    Stadium Hat because a ribbed beanie with a good fit is hard to find, especially among all the excessively slouchy hats that are currently popular
    Stadium Mitts because they remind me of those tube socks with the two stripes at the top that I wore with my white-with-hot-pink-wheels-and-laces roller skates
    Ravelry username: voodikon

  25. I favorited all because I am so needing a simple pattern for my first hat and gloves! But I think I like the Whichaways best! I am Krelsk on Ravelry.

  26. I love the stadium hat and have added it to my favourites. It would be perfect for my Christmas holiday in Poland. The blue and red combo will look great with my new blue coat!
    I’m karinfin on ravelry.

  27. I just spent the longest time scrolling through the old posts of your blog (liked over from an old post from another blog, lol) :) Since I subscribed to it, I figured I might as well enter the giveaway, I do like the hat and mitts. I am –anu on ravelry.

  28. I love those Stadium Mitts. There’s something about a longer cuff that just speaks to me.

    Rav: ahickman

  29. The Whichaway Mitts are my favourite, but it’s a close call with the Stadium hat! I favourited all three.. My Ravelry username is: revesmecanique. Would love to win this!

  30. I favorited the stadium hat…it would be perfect gift for my stepfather! Ravelry user kbuergel.

  31. Favorited both mitts because they are both awesome and I can see making them both! Ravelry user kbuergel.

  32. Faved the stadium mitts, wishing I had time to make them before going to a football game Friday!
    abbien on Rav

  33. Stadium Mitts and Hat were already in my library, now both are also favorites, norskiknits on Ravelry

  34. Favorited the Stadium mitts and the Whichaway mitts. Great small projects AND I could wear them while knitting! My username is SissyPhD.

  35. Favorited Stadium mitts and the Whichaway mitts. I plan to make them for my grandkids. My user name is pattylocke.

  36. Favorited the stadium mitts because they would be a great layering option. I live in Minneapolis where it gets so cold that some days I like to wear mitts under my mittens or gloves just in case I have to use my fingers. I like to have several options around.
    Rav name: thatgirlmissy

  37. I favorited the Whichaway Mitts! Rav name: flyingmuse
    Also, I am such a fan of the blog – I get so much inspiration from all your posts, particularly your “knit the look” series, which encourages me to think about designing for myself a bit more. Sometimes I even rediscover a pattern that I had forgotten about – for instance, I just finished knitting a Frida shawl, which I had seen on the BT website, but not been thrilled by until I saw it again on the blog. It’s absolutely gorgeous, highly recommend the pattern!

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