The loveliest little project bag

Bento Bags now available at Fringe Supply Co

The first photo I ever saw of these exquisite little Bento Bags — cleverly designed for carrying produce — was of apples spilling out of the natural linen one (the only fabric available at that time), and my mind’s eye instantly replaced the apples with yarn balls. I ordered two on the spot and they’ve been in constant rotation as knitting project bags ever since. But they’re also great as lunch bags, for organizing smaller items in your suitcase, lining your bread basket, or even as a reusable gift bag. I love them for how spare they are — so functional, but just as natural, unfussy and unobtrusive as you can get. And I’m so happy to finally have them available at Fringe Supply Co. I just know you’re going to love them.

Also, the coveted blue Stitch & Hammer tool pouch is back! Super quick this time, and I’ve got a few more of them on hand than usual. But still, act fast!


One other shop-related note: New to the Stockists list is Black Sheep Knitting Co. in Needham MA. If you’re in the neighborhood and looking for the Fringe totes bags or stitch markers, do drop in!

23 thoughts on “The loveliest little project bag

  1. They are wonderful, and I agree with Kris about using them as the wrapping of any kind of gift, really. Soap, or yarn, or a knitted item, or…

    • I completely agree! For complicated projects that require my notebook and pencil and a printed pattern, and extra needles and so on — or especially if I’m knitting on a plane — I obviously love my custom-made project bags. But there are other times where I just really want to keep it simple — corral my yarn and WIP in as no-fuss a way as possible — these bento bags are so perfect for that. And they look great doing it!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! You really DO rock for picking “functional” with an extremely high level of arty-ness and “coolness factor.” I LOVE my Project Bag but I can also see so many possibilities for the sweet Bento Bags. Over to the store… ;)

  3. Received my order of bento bags and love them. They are beautifully crafted, as is the wooden gauge. Nice products, Karen, thank you!

  4. I’m going to sound like a repeat of Clare: I love my bento bag!! Thank you so much. Its sitting by my side full of yarn balls as I type… :) And the gauge ruler is so beautifully made. Ditto the stitch markers. Happy me…

  5. I’ve actually crocheted a bag like this one but it had a shoulder strap. It is pretty easy to make if you get the ratio down. I love these bags. I want to break out the sewing machine and make some for the kids.

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