New Favorites: Footie socks

New Favorites: Footie socks knitting patterns

The main reason I was never much interested in knitting socks is that I don’t really wear them. I live by the San Francisco Bay, where “summer” means perhaps wearing sandals with our sweaters once in awhile, and “winter” means boots and a light jacket over that sweater, and you’re good to go. You don’t really need socks in your boots — the boots are pretty much just for keeping your feet dry during the drizzly season. But if you were around here last winter, you probably heard me whining about how cold my feet got (still get, most days) in my studio/office/micro-warehouse, which I moved into in January. As the sun begins to shift in the sky, I’m increasingly preoccupied with the idea of warm socks and how one wears them. It seems like what would serve me best are footie socks — little guys that will tuck obscurely into ankle boots or Birkenstocks. AND! abbreviated socks mean quicker FOs, which means more of them. Which is awesome because the most appealing thing about knitting socks is exploring the million different ways there are to construct them. So bring on the little socks!

TOP LEFT: Turkish Bed Socks from Churchmouse, with interesting roundabout construction — one of the first patterns I ever bought and possibly the next I’ll knit (+Ravelry)

TOP RIGHT: Pom Pom Peds from the Purl Bee, top-down ultra-classics (+Ravelry) (free pattern; see also their Sporty Striped Peds)

BOTTOM LEFT: Picot Socks from the Pom Pom Magazine blog, toe-up with a little hemmed cuff (+Ravelry) (free pattern)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Summer Clog Socks — or, as the pattern/recipe is labeled, “Clog Socks of Doom” — really intriguing construction, but how do we feel about the business with the elastic thread? Your thoughts on that, please. (free pattern)


18 thoughts on “New Favorites: Footie socks

  1. I’ve been trying to make socks like that for the past two months, but I am slow and I have yet to find some really good visual instructions. I always end up buying some from the knitting grannies in my country. :D

  2. Socks! Socks! Socks! Oh, I love these sweet short socks! Any excuse to use handpainted sock yarn… With these there will be enough yarn left over from a typical sock yarn skein to make wrist warmers – for those of us in more northern climes.

    • Hmmm… actually the picot sock (my favorite, too) is toe up and I’ve not done that yet. As the designer said, the perfect sock for the first time. Thank you! I’m doing it!

  3. i’ve knit a few pair of the turkish bed socks with mods and wear them with my clogs and love them. my daughter only wears footie socks so i’m grateful for this round up — 3 more patterns to try out for her :)

  4. I love elastic thread as an adjunct to knitting. I have used it mostly to tighten up hat bands, and it works beautifully, however you incorporate it. (Held with yarn as you knit, or sewn in afterward.) I am also a big fan of Cascade Fixation yarn (98% cotton, 2% elastic). I have knit a stockinette strip hatband out of it go inside felted hats. Not only does it improve the fit—the cotton is more comfortable than wool against your skin. Also there are good patterns out there for socks made of Fixation…

  5. Ok, so this is a sign of fate that this morning I open your (beautiful and soo useful) blog and the first thing I see is a sock project. Definetely what I was looking for after I have spent half of the last night trying to knit socks. Thanks a lot!
    And have a nice day!

  6. “One skein sock”, “perfect for travel”, “great gifts”, “easy to fit” : that’s THE perfect project to learn how to knit socks! Can’t wait to cast on the Turkish Bed Socks.

  7. I haven’t knitted many socks because the only ones I really wear are thick ski type ones under my winter boots …..but those toe-up ones are going on my ravelry queue. They look perfect for winter.

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