Finished my Heel Stitch hat

orange Heel Stitch hat - Purl Bee pattern

Hey look, I finished something! This is the Heel Stitch Hat from the Purl Bee, inspired by a recent Knit the Look post. Cute, right? Apart from the 1×1 ribbed fold-up brim (which I knitted on 7’s), the only modification I made was to start the decrease rounds sooner than suggested. There is no row gauge or finished height given in the pattern, but judging by my own gauge, the 15-round decrease portion of the hat was going to be about two inches deep. The pattern calls for the hat to be 7.25 inches tall before you begin the decreases, which would add up to a taller hat than I like. I was tempted to start decreasing at 6 inches (not counting the ribbing) but the most interesting thing to me about this hat is the shape and decrease approach — it’s boxy! — and I wondered whether it might require the hat to be a little taller than a standard dome shape. So I knitted until I had 6.5 inches before starting the decreases. If I did it again — and I believe I will, still want it in that bright yellow — I’d knit 4 inches of ribbing (so the ribbing folds over ribbing instead of heel stitch) and maybe start the decreases even a little bit sooner. But thumbs up — great hat. The yarn is Sincere Sheep Shepherdess Worsted, which is just a joy in the hands. And soon on the hands; I have enough left over for some 70-Yard Mitts!

Speaking of boxy, after posting twice this week about boxy sweaters great for layering, I was wearing my Meg-made sweater yesterday. All the buzz around Stitches Midwest this weekend has me wishing I was meeting Meg and Jo there again, after having so much fun last year. I had promised Meg a modeled shot of the sweater at some point, so that’s below. Hi, Meg! (Don’t ask me why my right arm appears grossly enlarged — as far as I know, it doesn’t look that way in real life.) I’m hoping to persuade Meg and/or Iz to write up a pattern (or at least a basic recipe) for this one, to publish here on the blog.

knitted sweater handmade by Meg Strong

Speaking of Stitches Midwest — if you are there this weekend and have been wanting one of the Fringe Supply Co. totes, make a beeline for the Wool & Company booth! As of this week, assorted Fringe goods can also be found at Knitterly in Petaluma CA, ImagiKnit in San Francisco, and Maisieblue in Murphys CA. (Full list of Stockists is here.)

So what are you up to this weekend? I want to hear what you’re making …


17 thoughts on “Finished my Heel Stitch hat

  1. I love the colour of that yarn, great oranges are hard to find! I’m about to cast-on something from the Purl Bee too (the cable back shell) – they’re patterns are so great,

  2. I love the hat! It is on my list of soon to be Christmas projects.
    I am continuing my love affair with Heidi Kirrmaier patterns: first came Beeline, second was Windward, and now I am making Shellseeker.

  3. Nice hat…esp with the two sticks! I love the near-instant gratification of a good knit hat.

    • Same here. Sad that this one took me two weeks instead of two evenings!, but that’s how little knitting time I have lately. I think I’m sticking to hats and mitts for awhile …

  4. I promise to work on a pattern for the sweater…very, very busy! The hat looks great. Wish we were meeting up again at stitches as well…maybe next year!

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