New Favorites: Box tops

Mix No. 19 and Mix No. 21 knitting patterns by Lydia Tsymbal

Shibui published a new set of Mix patterns this week, and the simplicity of these two boxy tops, both designed by Lydia Tsymbal, is calling out to me right now. Mix No. 19, on the left, is knit with Silk Cloud held double. Mix No. 21, on the right, is knit from side to side, ribbed, with a dropped hem in the rear. The color palette is bumming me out a little bit, but I’m dreaming of them in either brighter shades or classic neutrals, great on their own or as layering pieces.


5 thoughts on “New Favorites: Box tops

  1. Absolutely love this silhouette. I have at least 3 Vince sweaters that are similar! (I do agree with your thoughts on the color palette, too.)

  2. Also totally agree with you on the color palette, but I have always liked a boxy sweater!

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