dip-dyed tassels, cosby sweaters, knitting prime minister and more

Got some time to kill?

— Three words: Cosby Sweater Tournament

— You heard about the whole knitting Prime Minister kerfuffle, yes?

Amazing macramé, Sally England

Q&A with the fine folks at Green Mountain Spinnery

— Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Bridge scheduled for massive yarn bombing

Stitch Maps = pretty

Dip-dyed tassels

— What do knitting and crowdfunded breast implants have in common? Nothing, but try telling that to Mashable

Have a great weekend everyone. And don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day of the Sincere Sheep special event. I’ve had a great time selling almost all aqua yarns this week — everyone must be in a serene mood!


7 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. For someone who writes about such things, maybe he missed that Ravelry won the Best Community Award a few years ago. It’s not what I would call a “bizarre” site! Geesh!

    • I honestly can’t understand why anyone would think knitters talking about knitting is any more “bizarre” than all the sites where readers talk about reading, or coders talk about coding, or fisherman talk about fishing, etc etc etc. It’s a concept as old as the internet.

  2. I live on the other side of Vermont, but one day I was over near Putney and pulled off I-91 and went into Green Mtn. Spinnery. They showed me around so kindly. You wouldn’t believe how small it is for as much as they produce! I also love the link to that bridge yarn bomb project–wow! Clicked through to that slide show and the plans are amazing! Love the colors!

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