Projects for a holiday weekend, revisited

Crochet, macrame and weaving project ideas for the long weekend

What with the Memorial Day weekend (the illusion of free time!) and my having been working on too many long-term knitting projects lately, I’ve been having that urge. The one that sends me searching for enticing, small-scale projects I could hope to start and finish in the space of the weekend. Oddly, I keep coming back to the list I made last Memorial Day. I’d be happy to whip up another crocheted bowl, tap into my childhood macramé memories, or spend some time reacquainting myself with my crude little frame loom. Of course, if the goal is to finish something, I could spend the weekend with my Textured Shawl and maybe, just maybe

(I did finish The Sweater last weekend, for anyone wondering. But it had been 95% finished for so long it almost doesn’t count as a new FO. Pics and details next week.)

Have a great weekend everyone, holiday or otherwise. Love to hear about your plans —


Quick shop note: Pom Pom Quarterly is sold out already! But never fear, there are more on the way. I’ll announce it when it’s back in stock, but if you want to reserve one, leave a comment to that effect below (or email if you prefer) and I’ll contact you directly when I’ve got the new batch in hand.

8 thoughts on “Projects for a holiday weekend, revisited

  1. This weekend… definitely will be finishing few little crocheted bowls (I call them Treasure Bowls, add buttons and sell them at our gallery) and working on (note I did NOT say finishing!) socks and the little shawlett I started for my Mom’n’Law.

  2. I have a long weekend off. I can’t decide whether to finish (ie start) the second sleeve of my sisters cardigan or just throw the towel in and start something new!

  3. that loom is amazing, is it tricky to make?

    i was wondering if you’d finished your sweater, congratulations! i did finish mine too, inspired by your post and that i wanted to photograph it while on an island this last week. the sweater was still a bit damp, but success! it’s the reverse fair isle i had mentioned before (if you’d like to see, clicking on my name should take you to my post.)

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