Gifts for Mom

Gifts for mom from Fringe Supply Co.

Mother’s Day is coming up quick, and I’m sure many of you have made something lovely and personal for your mom. (Sadly, this year I have not. WAH wah.) For those of you still wondering what to give your crafty mom, might I suggest a few options from Fringe Supply Co? Perhaps a ticking-stripe project bag for organizing projects or supplies of any kind; a skein or two of squishy, highly coveted, naturally-dyed yarn from Napa’s Sincere Sheep; a set of leather-handled bushel baskets as beautiful as they are useful (only 4 sets left!); or if you did knit for Mom, the perfect enclosure card.

If you’re ordering a gift and want it shipped somewhere other than your PayPal address, as soon as you’ve placed the order drop me an email at with the shipping details. (For international orders, please use that same email address to request a shipping quote before ordering.) I take care to make sure every Fringe order is handsomely packaged and a delight to open. If you tell me what you want it to say, I’ll happily enclose a handwritten note in your gift and leave out the invoice.

I’d be honored to put together a parcel for your mom. Or for you!, for that matter. And thanks, as always, to all my lovely patrons.


7 thoughts on “Gifts for Mom

  1. Thanks for the temptation! I’ve been eyeing your ticking stripe bags and your awesome industrial looking stitch markers for ages. I might just have to have some!

    • It’s definitely not cheap to get those shipped internationally — it’s a pretty big box, by postal standards. I sent a set to Germany recently and the shipping was $44, as I recall. If you want to me see if I can find a cheaper rate to France, drop me an email and I’ll be more than happy to look into it for you!

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